Thanksgiving, a second time around

Two years ago, November 2012 I met my sister in law Danielle for the first time, when I celebrated Thanksgiving with Rick and his family.Thanksgiving dinner at BucaIt was the first time I ever celebrated it, and Thanksgiving in Hawaii was a good place to start. This year, we are married, which is crazy! Looking back, time has gone by both really fast and slow, and both Rick and I have grown a lot since then. IMG_3073We are two very different people, and at the same time very alike. IMG_3074I never thought I’d compromise buying a NON free-range Turkey, yet our first turkey ever, that we bought together was exactly that, because my husband worried about the price. IMG_3075This guy! We are bad influences on each other, but good influences too, I push my things and thoughts on him and he does the same. I feel that mostly we pick up the good stuff though, and we are getting better and better together, as people and as a married couple. Grocery shopping for our big dinner was so much fun. The first time we shopped together Rick was marching along like a crazy robot and I was so nervous and we were tense around each other. I was struggling to keep up with the trolley. IMG_3091Now we cruise around with each other and know how to make things run smoothly WHILE having fun. I know what stresses him out and he knows what upsets me. I am THANKFUL for my marriage.. 😜 See how I did that?IMG_3081We cooked a WHOLE turkey and a big meal together, delegating tasks and working together in our little kitchen. Rick was very territorial with his kitchen when I first moved in, now we smoothly navigate around each other, and have fun. We Youtubed pretty much how to do everything, IMG_3085And ended up with a decent turkey. A little dry, but still pretty good for our first Turkey, which neither of us have ever cooked. And there was a LOT. We’ll be making turkey sandwiches everyday for a week. IMG_3096Danielle and Udell came over, and Rick was throwing his nephew around on a pillow, it was a lot of fun, and I really felt that my autumny face-paint was appreciated by them. IMG_3087Sorry for the crappy quality pictures, My loyal Camera Cammie is dead. 😔 IMG_3079Cutting his first Turkey! The boy is a man now, eh? IMG_3080HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

I am thankful for:

🍁Me and my family’s health and mental health,

🍁Rick’s health and mental Health,

🍁The exciting and varied life I’ve lived, and been able to follow my dreams,

🍁My supportive and hard working mother who never stops, never gives up, always tries, and always knew how to make a holiday special for me even if it was just for the two of us. 🌸💜 Without knowing that she is here, and around, and that I will be in her arms again, with her hands going through my hair… I wouldn’t cope.

🍁The incredible story and long hard fight for me and Rick to be together, that tested us, that proved that we are able and true, and that lead to us getting married, which led to me living with the love of my life, in Hawaii. IMG_3086In this picture, I am sure that nobody will notice until I write it down, then you will take a second look and go, ‘yeah…’ I can really see that I inherited my grandmothers chubby knees. Ha ha. Although my calves are squashed against the bed, those are some stubborn treestubs. Only because I’ve got my feet planted firmly on the ground, but I also keep my head in the clouds 😊IMG_3093Had my first pumpkin pie, which was super tasty, with Cool Whip of course, can’t eat pie without cool WHIP.

IMG_0196Sat down on the toilet, enjoying a nice Thanksgiving evening number two, after having been in a food coma, too much detail..? Never. IMG_3099

To all Americans and Native Indians celebrating this weird, hypocritical but yet cozy holiday, hope you had a happy thanksgiving, and to all our family and friends out there, we miss you and love you, and we are THANKFUL for all of you!


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