Another new year.

Happy new year! IMG_3440Can you believe it? I love new years eve, and I love the first day of a brand spanking new year. Today I’ve so far spent my day watching Shark Tank on television, eating Ramen and cookie dough, and editing a short film. Later I will try and commence part of my resolution list, and go to the gym. IMG_3378I celebrated Christmas day at Hard Rock Cafe while Rick was working his perfect butt off making a lot of tips. IMG_3365But Christmas eve Rick and I spent the whole day together as he surprisingly got the day off, and we were visited by Udell and Danielle in the afternoon and had some family fun together. IMG_3349Rick and I celebrated a Norwegian-style Christmas eve, with stockings opened in the morning while eating breakfast and watching Christmas tv. Then Dressing up, eating dinner followed by opening the presents. IMG_3339Teddy got a nice new Green shirt, and looked very Christmassy indeed. IMG_3362I got a Stunning ruby ring I’ve been admiring longingly for a while, and Rick got a football, suspenders, some nice face-creams that he usually steals samples from in the store all the time, and a customized calendar with photos from our year together. And he also got a generous gift from his dad, a tablet that he struggled to look away from when I demanded his attention for fun and games. IMG_3359The fancy clothes didn’t stay on long, someone is more comfortable in his underwear staring at a screen… We ate Ribs from Tony Roman’s Rib house, as we had a gift certificate, and none of the slaughter houses wanted to provide me with the Pork Flank I tried to order a month ago to attempt my first home-cooked Christmas meal. IMG_3355But never fear, I ate so much food, candy and chocolates the whole night, and enjoyed my first Coca-cola since november as I had taken a break. IMG_3431Rick and I went out for a day of fun the other day, as Rick had to work double shift many days, and I babysat and worked in the pirate booth we felt like we deserved a celebration. IMG_3438We went to Dave & Busters for some fun and games, and a nice meal, as we had gotten some great coupons, saving money with tons of fun! IMG_3439We then cycled to the Dole Cannery Cinema and saw ‘The Imitation Game’ with our free movie tickets that we got for Christmas from our dear friend Annie. IMG_3466We THEN stopped off at a really awesome Sushi restaurant after the movie, and had a second amazing meal. It was a great day! IMG_3443New years eve I had organized a party with our friend Dezmond, who had access to his friends awesome pad up in St. Louis Heights that has a great view and lots of fun games. IMG_3476IMG_3474We had such a great time in that big house, dreaming about the day we would have our own big beautiful place. IMG_3456Friends trickled in and we ate, talked and laughedIMG_3445IMG_3449And we played games, Pool, Foosball and shuffleboard. IMG_3469IMG_3467IMG_3459It was a wonderful time! Judging by the quality of the party, the company, the level of fun, the incredible view over the midnight fireworks and the Honolulu/Waikiki skyline, if 2015 is going to be as good as the party then I am looking forward to it.

Apologies for the poor quality of images!


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  1. Unni Reid says:

    🌟Happy New Year🌟

    Sendt fra min iPad

    > Den 2. jan. 2015 kl. 07.15 skrev Jasmin Please stories :


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