Oh Omaha

Hit the ground running after a holiday in Omaha, with new jobs and interviews and stress, stress, stress. But our five days in Nebraska was a nice treat indeed. IMG_3504Three flights with layovers in San Fran and Salt Lake City, we were cuddled up, eating and snoozing and enjoying the cold. Treating ourselves to meals in the airport restaurants and coffees in the cafe. Both airports are really nice with charging outlets everywhere for computers and phones. IMG_3532It’s all about hogging a really good spot by the gate, close to the store, close to charging outlets, close enough to the toilet. And staying awake until you’re on the plane! IMG_3529My first time in the Midwest, and all I really knew about Omaha was that the fictional Wizard from ‘The wizard of Oz’ was born there. So… that’s useful. IMG_3510So, this was the first time one of us met a big one. And by that I mean, the first time anyone of us met any of our partners parents. There was something grand and monumental about it. It’s family. When you marry someone, you marry their family, and not having met them before you do is rather scary, and then meeting them realizing that they had no say whatsoever in what kind of a person I would be, the one who married their beloved. It’s kind of insane. But that’s modern day life. P1010555We were treated to dinners, and cinema, warm beverages and lovely talks by the fire. We were welcomed in to a big lovely house, with a big downstairs that we had all to ourselves, a big contrast from our little home. A nice bathroom too. Ahhh… luxury.. IMG_3523There is nothing like a good museum and ‘The Durham Museum’ certainly was a good museum. IMG_3309IMG_3512 IMG_3304Firstly the lovely and welcoming hall with its interesting Art Deco arcitecture, designed by a man who’s name I don’t recall. He was from Switzerland and studied at a school for fine Art in Italy. That I remember. IMG_3313 IMG_3311It was mostly railroad exhibits, showing model trains, and real trains which you could enter and peruse, which was a great experience. I wish the trains looked like this now! IMG_3338IMG_3337There was also a rather large and impressive coin collection with treasures from ancient China and Greece. Old telephones, and the luxuries from a quickly blooming Midwest, benefiting from its railroad, with their houses filling up with finer things for the wives to cook with. IMG_3332There was also Native American exhibits with tipi’s and a real stuffed buffalo. I can’t explain it, it was just a nice museum. Nice, cozy and informative. Genuinely interesting. IMG_3528There’s nothing like family TV time though, sitting together in front of that box watching a movie together. P1070695We also visited the ‘Strategic air and Space Museum’ with real planes and historical artifacts, which was especially interesting since Rick’s grandfather worked in the air-force. P1070696There was a lot of planes, that had been reconstructed after battle and strenuous use for the pleasure of the public’s view.P1070712We even saw the plane Rick’s granddad worked on. Well, not the exact one but. You know. A proud moment for three generations of Richards. P1070702They had a cool simulator which Rick and I tried, with a crazy helicopter ride. It was so much fun, it rose high in the air and did loops and everything. Everyone could hear me shrieking and laughing out loud from inside it. P1010553Learning a lot, about the country I live in, the family I married into, and the person living right by my side. A holiday for the mind. And gosh… how lovely the cold was. The cold tip of my nose, wearing layers, really enjoying a hot beverage, and the bliss of coming back in to a warm house, and sitting inside not feeling guilty about sitting in front of the TV. I miss it. I miss it all. I want to go back. NOW. But I am grateful I had it. That I met them. And that we will meet again… don’t know wheeeere, don’t know wheeeeen… ❤️P1010539


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  1. Rick "2" says:

    Somehow you tolerated all of us! 🙂 We were glad to finally spend time together!


    1. jasminplease says:

      Of course! And you all tolerated me somehow! 🙂 I’m editing a little film from the airplane museum that I am planning on putting on here. 🙂 Will keep you posted.


  2. Richard says:

    Your writing well expresses the Omaha gathering and for a brief moment we were together as one. Thus a treasured event of lasting import. I do declare that our family is much enriched through your welcome uniqueness in the house of Grams. You bring to the existing aura of lovely diamonds your personal and illuminating brilliance which richly enhances that aura. It surely reflects a Royal Titled Lady of Yon Country. You are most welcome as one of us! We understand Rick3’s enchantment!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. jasminplease says:

      Thank you for that lovely compliment!
      And thank you for making me feel so welcome. I understand you are proud of your family and your grandson, and that is very understandable.
      I hope we can meet again soon.


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