A new year, new jobs and new friends

I like starting a new year with resolutions and hopes and dreams IMG_3623Every day as a healthy human being with work and love in ones life is a blessing, so I am fiercely trying to be more grateful and work harder. IMG_3597And good work came earlier this year, with a new job as a part of the wonderful crew of the Honolulu Murder Mystery players, and worked as a Stage manager at their last performance of ‘Can you say Murder?’ and am now rehearsing for our new play ‘Death so Delicious’ in which I play Julia Childe (a veeeery similar character to Julia Wilde) in a cooking contest murder mystery. IMG_3640The rehearsals are fun, and the play is funny. I am so happy to be doing something that is fun and makes me happy! IMG_3644I have also gotten some help from the Lovely Jasmine, yes, that’s right, Jasmine, who is a part of that crew, she is also a drama teacher and has helped me to get commissioned to do a Clown workshop in her class, so another job that is fun and that allows me to utilize my expertize. IMG_3608After the murder show we were Hanging out with Jasmine and the murder crew at her apartment that she shares with Jose,  who cast me in the play. Jose works in the pirate booth, where I ocasionally work, unless I work as a pirate on the ship. IMG_3670Anyway, Jasmine, in addition to being a teacher and a murder mystery player, works for a local dairy company and has possibly gotten me more work as the Cow mascot, which is a lot of fun and pays well. I can’t wait to start Cow-training! IMG_3612Jasmine and Christine both work for the dairy company, and we just seem to run into each other in all sorts of jobs, like ‘Saving paradise’ the walking theater job that amounted to nothing, which we all wasted our time with. But one good thing came out of it, connections, which led to other jobs!

I also got a job as an after school teacher for After School All stars IMG_3581I commute from our apartment to the school to teach a bunch of middle-school kids drama and improvisation. It is a crazy gang of kids, and an enthusiastic bunch of teachers, and it’s all good fun. It’s challenging, but in a good way. Especially on Freestyle friday when you might end up doing anything, like playing football in the sun all day IMG_3632The days are filled with appointments, busrides, lesson planning and work work work. I’ve been so tired lately that I haven’t been able to catch up on everything. IMG_3621I’ve had a buddy over from LA, Michiko, a friend of Rachel that I lived with in the Junehouse. She’s been here since early december, and we started hanging out a little before new Year. IMG_3618The only reason I’ve been out in the sun on days off is her, chilling by the pool and going to the beachimage1IMG_3656We’ve also been out on the razz together, so I guess I owe this months social life to her, as I would be crawling into my cave whenever I can when I have time off. But at the same time, I am behind on a lot of work… ha ha. IMG_3741It was Michiko’s last night yesterday and we spent it and Dave & Busters playing games and eating lots and lots of food. But now, it’s back to work. Catch up and get ahead again, and get proactive! IMG_3671Love and aloha from the pirate ship by the marina during sunset. x


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  1. Unni Reid says:

    January soon gone…
    Too many jobs tho….😳

    Sendt fra min iPad

    > Den 27. jan. 2015 kl. 04.20 skrev Jasmin Please stories :


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