Superbowl Sunday

This sunday was my second Superbowl, and just like the last time I watched, The New England Patriots were playing again.IMG_3812 And they happen to be my man’s favorite team! He got up at 7:30 in the morning to ‘Get the place ready’, as in vacuum our little apartment and set up the tables, watch pregame chatter and prepare the food and run over to the store to get extra snacks. IMG_3820Apparently this is the best day of THE YEAR for him.IMG_3822 It beats everything, Christmas, birthdays… I was excited too, I can muster one game, it’s better then all the games that usually take up my whole Sunday, where I rarely get a glimpse of attention from my man until the games are over. And that was our funday Sunday the whole football season.IMG_3813 I’ll be honest, I’m glad it’s over. But I was excited to buckle down, and had prepared by purchasing a helpful guide for women, so that I could understand more.IMG_3814 Rick had helped me quite a lot over the season, explained to me all sorts of stuff, and he watches a lot of news regarding the team, and the coach and all sorts of uninteresting facts are often thrown my way from my highly enthusiastic husband. And I’ve caught on, I must say. IMG_3838We were visited by the Sister and the nephew which made it even cozier, IMG_3830it was so much fun to sit together in front of the telly and gobble down food all the time. IMG_3840It was nice to see Idina Menzel sing the national anthem, I have been a fan of her since I was in my mid-teens and was fanatic about Musical Theater. She is a fabulous singer, and such a cool chick.

The game was exciting to say the least, although I was focusing a lot on the food, I did follow the journey of the patriots, and saw with great worry the face of a nervous and upset husband.

Thus, with this surprising and happy ending to the day, we continued to consume the Chicken wings, chips and Guacamole, the 7 layer dip, nachos, cheese and salami, Nerds, Chocolate and Chocolate Cream pie. It was a good day. And a good game.IMG_3843


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