Two BBQ’s and a Boat night.

Over the weekend I finally got the break I needed from all my different jobs. IMG_8494After a morning shift at the Preschool, that’s right, my new job at Weeplay and Learn, I walked over to my pirate friends and they joined me in walking towards Kakaako park. IMG_8524It was my good friend Ethan’s birthday Barbeque and his girlfriend KaylaIMG_8515 had set it up for all his friends to come and hang out in the sun. IMG_8507We had fun playing volleyball and frisbee IMG_8510And I got some good mid-air shots IMG_8502I had the most tasty donut, and was surprised by the inside of it. IMG_8498Isaac and I hung out by the water and he went for a swim, sadly I didn’t have swimwear and didn’t want to jump in in my undies as there were children around, and it was rather a provocative set of lacy thongs. So. Yeah.IMG_3884IMG_8523Ethan is such a good friend of mine, and it was great being there seeing him, turning 31, surrounded by good friends. IMG_8527Then I cycled off in a different direction, to another park, where my friend Dez had a BBQ thing going on with a load of people I didn’t know IMG_8526Luckily I was joined by two co-workers from After School All-stars, another job of mine. IMG_3888We played Uno and talked about work, and it was a good time, we watched as other people were throwing water balloons on each other, while remaining dry ourselves. IMG_8545I then was invited to join some pirate friends on Jordan’s boat, which is where he lives. So after taking a break at home, prepping some work and paperwork for the next week, I cycled to the marina. IMG_8544There’s something magical about sitting in a boat, moving with the ocean, in dimmed lights, with friends IMG_8546Smelling the sweet smell of the Hookah pipeIMG_8541Watching as the coals heat up,IMG_8528I almost fell asleep, I was so comfortable and happy. I slept really good that night. In fact, I’ve been sleeping very good lately.


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