One year of marriage

It’s been a year. It’s been a year…? Whaaaat. It’s actually insane. I still have friends, that I consider good friends, that don’t even KNOW I am married. It all happened so fast. Grams-84Nobody in my family has met my husband yet, and most of my friends haven’t. It’s kind of crazy, but everything in it’s own time. IMG_8672Well, we started our anniversary celeration on the 29th of March, by going to a nearby fabulous eating spot Yogur Story, which is infamous for it’s purple pancakes and good vibes. We had a lovely Benedict breakfast, really treating ourselves. Because thanks to my very loving and generous mum we had some money to spend on ourselves!💜IMG_8673Theeeeen, we treated ourselves to a COUPLES MASSAGE! What? Yeah… ahhhh an hour long full body massage by two tiny-Im-pretty-sure-they-were-Thai-Ladies. The lady who did me stood on my back and walked around and it was amazing. IMG_8674I was pretty sleepy and relaxed when we were done, but we had adventures ahead, so we cycled home and packed for a nice long picnic on the beach! IMG_8677At home we gave each other our tiny-budget-presents, and Rick was happy he got what he wanted.. – This cute pillow set. IMG_8684We got to Diamond head Beach park, and breathed in the sea air and enjoyed the beautiful view that we so rarely really get to enjoy. A whoooole day off together, alone. Outside.IMG_8707The beach was lovely, not a lot of people, so we had some privacy. IMG_8687We listened to music, drank Ice tea and ate our picnic food and just enjoyed being together. IMG_8716We talked about our year, Downfalls and Triumphs and how far we’ve come. It’s been a rollercoaster all right. It’s pretty accurate when they say that the first year is usually the most challenging, sometimes even the worst, as it is ‘the year of adjustment’. It’s been a good year though, but I do feel it got better and better. IMG_8726We decided to renew ‘the lease’. As we’ve been joking about “shall we try another year? What do we need to renegotiate?” Because in a way, one shouldn’t take it for granted that things will last forever. I mean, that’s what you want, when you get married, and that’s what you aim for.  IMG_8728And things just sounds less daunting when one takes things one year at a time. This is an advice my sister gave me, and we really like that outlook. Don’t take each other for granted. IMG_8737Don’t take the relationship for granted. Work on it, and work on yourself. IMG_8732So it’s on. Another year. It’s sealed, with a kiss. New dreams, many plans and more knowledge of each other. IMG_8753So we strolled down towards Waikiki and caught a Taxi to Side Street In , one of our favorite Take out restaurants and got some nice food to take home for our movie night. We watched ‘Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part one’. It was great. What a great day!



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  1. Unni Reid says:

    🎈🎉YaaY🎉🎈Looks like you had a HAPPY anniversary❤️❤️🎈🎈🎈

    Sendt fra min iPad

    > Den 2. apr. 2015 kl. 08.16 skrev Jasmin Please stories :


    1. jasminplease says:

      We did!
      thank you xxx


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