Parasailing Hawaii

IMG_4278The company that owns the Pirate ship that I work for, also has a company called Xtreme Parasail Hawaii ,  And the other day Rick and I decided to try it out! IMG_4281_MG_6403Since I work for the company, we were comped, which is AWESOME and so generous of my boss! So we had this amazing experience for FREEEE. _MG_6401We were both excited (Especially me) , even just to be on a boat, out on the ocean together on this lovely day and I could hardly contain my excitement. _MG_6412We got strapped in, and I was so nervous I didn’t understand how the hell this was going to work even though they explained it twice. So we sat there with our bums on the boat, and the para-sail started to pull . _MG_6416We just had to lift our legs slightly and stretch them out, then bend them as soon as we had gotten behind the boat, as it is important to remain “seated” in the air, as you would just get an incredibly uncomfortable wedgie if you were standing in the air. _MG_6418There we were, hovering above the water, slowly rising, It was an amazing feeling. _MG_6420We flew higher_MG_6425higher_MG_6451And HIGHER! Ahhhhhh!!!_MG_6438I can’t explain that feeling… We were up there, flying! I thought to myself that this must be what it’s like for Harry Potter to fly his broomstick! This is literally the closest thing to flying that I will ever experience! Except maybe skydiving. We were looking at each other and laughing. It was so quiet up there. With an amazing view of Waikiki beach and diamond head. The ocean was SO blue and vast, and looking down was mesmerizing and insane. Death was right there, licking his lips waiting, hoping. But yet another disappointment for that cloaked creep. _MG_6465We were safely lowered down after around 20 minutes up in the air, flying… ahhh It was amazing. Then they dipped ups in the warm water, which was really fun and just… the whole thing was just a feast for the senses and our bodies. _MG_6474Then back up… and dragged back up on to the boat. IMG_4282It was so wonderful, we both felt amazing at the end of it. I’ve been thinking about it everyday since… what a memory.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. cbecker53 says:

    Amazing photos, and amazing description of an amazing experience. Thanks for sharing.


    1. jasminplease says:

      Thank you!
      It WAS an amazing experience 🙂 Thanks for reading.


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