The New Play Festival – The sh*t you ain’t heard yet.

There’s a buzz in town… The New Play Festival has created a lot of interest among the Arts and Performance scene in Honolulu, and it’s coming to town! NEW PLAY FESTIVALIt’s NEW, it’s fresh and it’s totally original.  On the 21st-23rd of June at Kumu Kahua theater there will be a three day celebration of local playwrights with all new material, short plays and scenes acted out by the best stage actors in town. IMG_8496Alan Shepard and Isaac Ligsay are my co-producers and we had the idea months ago. It evolved from creating a platform for ourselves to showcase some of our own material, into an opportunity for anyone interested in doing the same thing.IMAG2343

So we started meeting to discuss ideas and ways to approach the whole thing. It’s quite overwhelming, even just the word festival. Not to mention being in charge of maybe around 20 short plays, several actors, directors, costuming bla bla bla… But we did have a few things sorted. The venue, our own original material, and a fair few supporters. That’s a good start. image1So we settled on a name, and we opened submissions to the public, and started working on our own things. IMG_8582I cast my play with three fabulous actresses and started rehearsal for ‘Calculations’. It’s so fun to see your own writing come to life, there is nothing quite like it. I was giggling the whole time during the first rehearsal. IMG_8771So we’ve delegated tasks, we’ve all been working hard. And although it’s a daunting thought and a lot of work ahead of me, I feel like if I do at least ONE thing to do with the festival EVERY DAY, I will get there. We will be fine. By the 18th the submissions have their deadline, and we will announce the chosen ones on the 20th, then the REAL work will start,.. A LOT of work. IMG_8762Do you think we can do it? We have NO budget, we have Three months, to select plays, cast, produce, direct, costume, promote, sell tickets, put the shows into the theater and BAM there it is. Will people come? Are we going to have to spend a lot of our OWN money?

Check out our facebook page here for more info and fun stuff;

We are accepting submissions, AND we are offering a FREE play-writing workshop next week at Tenney theater, with a very special guest, Annie Cusick Wood, who is currently getting great reviews for her latest play ‘Happy’, including from The Washington Post! If you are interested in the workshop,  check out the event here;

Thank you for reading!


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  1. V Miller says:

    Great news New Play people. Is there any way of finding out about future competitions apart from scrolling through myriad photos of unknown friends? Emerging playwrights are busy tapping away at the keys and perpetually engaged in rewriting scenes, I’m very keen to be kept updated “sans photo mania” .

    Mahalo a nui,



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