New Play Festival – Cindy Ramirez

Cindy Ramirez 2The New Play Festival is showcasing a large cast of talented local actors in Honolulu this summer, and Cindy Ramirez, is appearing in ‘Bus ride’ – written and directed by yours truly, Jasmin Haugstuen Please.

Cindy most recently appeared in the national ‘1 minute play festival’, and has been involved with theatre here in Hawaii since her student years at UH.

Growing up in a military family, with a base in Sacramento, California, Cindy has lived all over the US map, and moved to Hawaii in 1998 with the intention to study Anthropology.

Cindy Ramirez 4

She changed direction when she discovered that she would rather focus on a different part of the study of humans –“a deeper, more personal story,” she explains.

 “I got really interested in my research whenever I read interviews, or studies tracking individuals over a period of time.  Like a village that’s changed since a highway was built, for instance. I loved the storytelling aspect of it:  studying the characters, and all the circumstances – the conflicts, the relationships – to tell a story.  It totally parallels what we study as actors,” she says.

 Cindy Ramirez 3

With a performance background as a pianist, Cindy discovered her interest in acting through music.

 “I was helping a friend out with her Doctoral recital.  She needed a small chorus because it was an operetta. It wasn’t just about hitting the notes, we also had to be in character while we were singing!  And I loved it.  I loved acting through song.  And my passion for acting grew from there.”

For the past several years Cindy has been involved with Manoa Valley Theatre, Laughtrack Improv,  Marks Garage and Playbuilders. She most recently performed in ‘Houseless in Paradise’, and performed, collaborated and sourced material for the production of ‘Yes I Am’.

 She found out about the New Play Festival through ‘Hitting the Stage’ – a local website. Cindy is a big supporter of New writing. “I like doing new pieces. Working through fresh material, digging into something undiscovered — I love the collaboration process.”

 Cindy auditioned for NPF and got cast in the short play ‘Bus ride’ which is a one-woman play, where she plays the rather neurotic, insecure and reflective character Girl. 

“Sometimes I don’t audition for shows because either the characters are already set, or I don’t fit the casting, especially if it’s an iconic type of show from Broadway.  That’s why new writing is such a great opportunity. When I audition, I always want it to be for a show that I love, because I think to myself, – ‘is this a show I want to live with for three to five months?’”

 “The New Play Festival will be an experience for audiences, a lot like going to a museum, or an art gallery. Maybe you’ll see something you like, or maybe not. Maybe you’ll love something quickly, and then it becomes your favorite. I think Hawai’i is ready for regular opportunities to be surprised. I hope this festival becomes an annual event. People can look forward to new plays, just like they look forward to new movies.”

Cindy Ramirez 1 – Cindy Ramirez pictured above as the character GIRL in the short play ‘Bus ride’.

Come and see the talented and beautiful Cindy Ramirez perform at the New Play Festival on June 21st-23rd at Kumu Kahua Theatre. Get your tickets here. 



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