New Play Festival – Success!

11401089_780196118767070_5003347685004222059_nThe three day festival I produced with Isaac Ligsay and Alan Shepard in Honolulu at Kumu Kahua theatre was, I’m proud to say; A SUCCESS!

As I was saying goodbye to my students, as the last quarter of the school year was coming to an end, I was also busy directing, acting, promoting AND producing the festival. IMG_4747 It was sad saying goodbye to the kids, I had seen them bloom, some of them really come out of their shell, and all of them learning several things, which just tickled me… really witnessing that I can teach someone something!

IMG_4740_2 At the same time, I was auditioning for a big Movie picture, and after my callback I got a call from the casting department saying that they wanted me to read for a significantly bigger part! It was crazy, I got the whole script for the film, I had sides to learn and I bought a shirt and practised over and over. IMG_4739_2 The character I was reading for was a confident, hilarious lesbian, who were the cousin of the main characters (which I can’t disclose). I’m pretty sure It’s obvious by now that I didn’t get it, because it would have been a life altering, red carpet, my face on the DVD cover kind of deal. The Studio was however really pleased and I felt I did a good job. They went with a more familiar face. Ah well. This really made me feel that, I am doing the right thing. I nearly got a HUGE part, and my friend Annie, who knows the business said that this does NOT happen often, that they ask someone who is auditioning for a tiny speaking part (Dayplayer) gets asked to read for a supporting/principal role. So now I feel like, it’s about the right part for me coming my way, I must have something, I must be kind of good. If I got that far! IMG_4735 IMG_4753_2 Rick and I house sat and dog sat in Kailua trying to enjoy the beauties that Hawaii can offer, knowing that we would be moving soon. But we were really busy with work and festival, and the commute into town with traffic took its toll. It wasn’t worth it this time. IMG_5074_3 The good thing about staying in a house is that we could use their driveway to hold a yard sale, and sold some of the stuff that we couldn’t get rid of on Craigslist. We only made a little over a 100 bucks. IMG_4395 Promoting the festival included doing a playwriters workshop, which was interesting and fun seeing as I knew literally NO ONE that attended. My talented friend, playwright and director Annie Cusick Wood helped me out, and attracted people. Several attendees of the workshop submitted to the festival, and some were selected and produced. IMG_4906_2


IMG_4977_3 It was weird coming back to our empty apartment, while working on promotion and using the space for rehearsals, it getting emptier and emptier every day until we had to clean it. I didn’t really have time to take it in and get sad about it, which I guess saved me some tears. But it will always be Rick and my first apartment together.  IMG_4380As the festival got nearer I got closer and closer to the people I was working with, and Jasmine (to the far right) let us stay with her and Jose in their apartment for the last ten days we were there before we moved. It was hard, because I really connected with her and fell in love with her in the kind of way you only do a few times in your life when you meet someone really special, and knowing that I was going to move and not have the comfort of her around me. IMG_4922_2 I had to throw together a poster design that all the producers were happy with, and I got a good deal with Office Depot so the printing wasn’t too expensive, and anyway, we had raised enough money on our pirateship FUNDRAISER EVENT! It was a fun event, and we raised $600!!!! So our dream of being able to pay our actors and directors for their work (which RARELY happens in the theatre community in Hawaii) was looking realistic. IMG_5087_2 As we got into the space, It really clicked. WOW! It’s really happening. I did this! Maybe around 25 /30 people, and many of them I didn’t even know were involved and working on this living breathing evolving thing, and we were going to go on stage soon! My phone kept calling, and I got so many emails and approaches with TV, Radio, website and newspaper interviews. It was crazy!

Then It was opening night, and we had lots of people coming! Rick was selling wine and snacks and My tummy was tingling, and as soon as we heard the first laughs, I was so relieved, after MONTHS of work and stress, it was good. 10583984_782103015243047_1978400048148916428_n The best thing is that I got some good feedback on my writing! Which I love love love. IMG_5162 And I feel, like I wanted to feel, like I didn’t leave Hawaii without accomplishing anything. AND on top of it all, we made enough money to pay ALL of the festival participants INCLUDING the volunteers $47 !!! Yay! = Success


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  1. Lazydaizy says:

    Sounds like hard work, and lots of fun! Well done!


    1. jasminplease says:

      Thanks! Hard work and fun, You just summed it up!


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