Skydiving Hawaii

Yup. Another thing I had on my bucked list that I was determined to make happen in Hawaii, dolphinswimmingwithdolphinshawaii1

Some of you who’ve been following my blog since around 2012 (MUM), may remember this event, Rick and I went to Sea World (which is unethical, I know…. Im sorry. ) And I swam with A dolphin and it was so fun and amazing and left me emotional and all of a dither. WELL.

Rick Licking my face

I persuaded Rick to do this over a year ago, when my mum sent us some wedding money, we decided to buy three things, Two investments, Waterpurifier tank with instant hot and cold water (because I am fussy, I grew up in Norway where the water is the BEST) and a Nespresso machine, because RICK is fussy and Loves espresso, and we both love coffee. And then, skydiving. At the time however, we needed the money, and decided to wait until we could afford it.

I am so scared I don’t know what to do, but I am pretending (to myself ) that I’m OK.

Well, Rick purchased the tickets with _____ and we got picked up by their free shuttle service and drove the hour to their little airport base, while the old tourguide guy was talking the WHOLE ride into his microphone, IN JAPANESE. So that was instructive to the 1/4th of the bus, that were Japanese.

When we got there there was clouds, and we had to hold for a good while. Also, there was NO real clear guideline as to what was going on or what we had to do. We just signed in, decided what photo package to get, (around $130 – which was MORE than it said on the website and just a total rip-off but I am a sucker for photos). Then we were told to wait. There had been a instruction video, but we never saw it. Yup. After around FOUR hours, we were approached for the third time by our individual jumping partners, who buckled us in and instructed us how to do the jump. Holy shit.

So freakin scared I am about to pee my pants.

Needless to say, I was TERRIFIED. But I did a good job of mentally blocking out the reality of the situation and just psyching myself to be ballsy. When I was a kid, I was fearless. I guess all those falls, accidents and broken limbs taught me to BE CAREFUL> or at least consider what sort of stupid situation I am putting myself into.

I am beginning to genuinely LOOSE it

Of course, THEY PUT ME FIRST.  So I had to look outside the window as we ascended and it was getting higher and higher…


So It’s starting to dawn on me and I am getting super nervous, and I am reflecting on my life, and this decision, and realising that; I AM LITERALLY ABOUT TO JUMP OUT OF A PLANE, FROM REALLY HIGH UP! There is always a chance of death here, and I am doing this willingly. I am getting more and more panicked and imagining all sorts of horrendous scenarios.

Seeing the photographer just fall out like this did NOT calm me down.

So then I see this Jackass, the photographer just falling out super confidently, just falling and falling and I almost vomit. I’m like, HUMANS are NOT supposed to do this! Why do we always have to challenge nature!? We belong on the ground, sure I always wanted to have the ability to fly, but this is just pure stupidity! And counter-arguing with, well, these guys do this all the time, like ten times a day! It’s their job. It’s safe. Its ok.

WHAT?! Now?

All of a sudden, the light turns green and its time to go. I am very close to a mental breakdown. And I am telling myself; “It’s ok. I am on a mission. I need to save the world by jumping out of this plane. I am a soldier about to land on Normandie’s beaches, I have done this a million times before, I’m cool… I’m cool… this is casual…” And It kinda works, because I don’t cry or back out, we stand on the ledge. And I feel kinda safe strapped so tightly on to this very confident man.

Smile for the camera!

Then he turns my head with his hand and screams, “SMILE TO THE CAMERA! JUST KEEP LOOKING AT HIM!” Then the camera guy just falls backwards and then we fall and holy cow I am free falling!!!


It’s just such an odd and extreme sensation! For a few seconds I really wanted to look down, but I had been instructed to hold my head back, and then I had time to think of a montage of things that could happen If I looked down, like, my neck snapped off or broke or flipped us around…. So I stayed put!

Pretty pretty
Freefall face

I kept looking at the photographer who kept giving me the thumbs up, and I was just smiling the whole time, hardly any sound coming out, and I just felt my mouth getting super dry as I was getting so much air going through.

falling through clouds

As I hit the clouds, I was sort of freaked out, as I couldn’t really see the photographer anymore, and It felt just like J.K Rowling describes what it’s like when a ghost goes through you in Harry Potter; “Like walking through an icy vapourish shower” It was freaky, but kinda delightful!

floppy cheeks

The freefall seemed to keep going for a while, they guarantee 60 seconds of freefall, but I was the only one who jumped through the clouds, and the only one who fell that long. Lucky me! 🙂


Then he pulled the cord and the parachute came out, and we stopped, almost, midair. It was weird. And the photographer was pretty much gone. The guy reajusted us, we were sitting in the air, he readjusted the straps on my legs into a seat kind of thing, and I just sat there in the sky, as he was basically parasailing us around, and I could enjoy the stunning views.


As we descended, I had seen the harsh landings and I was truly terrified I wouldn’t be able to stand or land the way I was told, lift your legs, and when the ground comes near, run and catch yourself. Hah. Yeah, I am gonna collapse, I know it.

Help Im gonna crash!

But…! I did it! I ran and ran and Didn’t fall! I caught my balance and stood there in ecstasy.

Jasmin is Pleased.

Does anyone else think that this smile looks very similar to the one on the first picture? Another bucket list item, checked off, and the goofy childlike smile comes through!

Get this thing off me!

I stood there, just waiting for my husband Rick to land, and I laughed as I saw him… It was so great. I hoped he had a good time too, and it turned out, he did. Skydiving Pacific skydiving hawaii honolulu oahu bucket list


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  1. Mum says:

    Happy for you! AND happy for me, that I did nt know till after….😁😄

    Liked by 1 person

    1. jasminplease says:

      There was no way I was gonna tell you before 😉


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