The Move

At the end of June we moved from Kailua housesitting and into our friends Jasmine and Jose’s apartment. IMG_4984_2

We had ten days left, and I was sick as a dog, pretty much spending all my time on their couch, as Rick and I tried to scrape together the rest of the stuff that needed to be done. The festival was over, and I wasn’t busy anymore, but I was so sick. I did antibiotics, cough medicine and painkillers, and I had the best company. Jasmine was a great nurse. IMG_4947_3

Jasmine was super busy teaching at Mid-Pacific, and I came with her one day to assist, but I couldn’t do much as I lost my breath and kept on doing my mucus-cough with every step I took. It was fun though.
IMG_5245We knew that the clock was ticking, and we tried to spend as much time with our friends and family. Rick was spending quality time with Udell, as he is going to grow so fast now. He’s at that fun age, where he really is turning into  a person. And they love each other so much. IMG_5199_2 It felt like a tragedy to me, to know that I was soon going to leave this friend, this group of great friends that I had just about gotten to know. Sure, I had known them a little bit for about a year, but only for the past five months had I REALLY gotten to know them, and opened my heart and soul up with Jasmine, connected in that truly special way. That doesn’t happen to me a lot. Finding a BEST friend that I can say ANYTHING to in any way, without filtering or worrying if she would judge or get offended. IMG_5253_2Our great friend Sheldon took us all out to dinner for some crab. And Rick and Sheldon challenged each other in going super spicy and Rick kept coughing and sweating, and it was so funny. IMG_5271 IMG_5270 This bunch of great great weirdos, who I can talk to for ages about Harry Potter, and nerdy things, these fun people I’ve been doing Murder Mystery plays withMurder Mystery Players Hawaii Oahu Hawaii Theatre Theater fundraiser

These friends who helped me get jobs and make tons of money. I’m leaving them. It’s the only really bad part about having travelled and lived around the world. I’m always missing someone. IMG_5202So after the Festival After party, and after saying goodbye to friends. We were packed. We were ready. And I was feeling a lot better. IMG_5277 Jose drove us to the airport, Sheldon had HANDmade us leis,(I am wearing mine in this picture). And that was it. IMG_5331 From one State to another, from some good friends to some others. 11755636_10155903497020201_2669217969106541752_n Family friends, the fabulous Odd and Terre let us stay with them for as long as we needed in South Pasadena, as we got ourself setup with a new car, Rick got transferred to the Hollywood Hard Rock, and until we found a new apartment. IMG_5305 Movie nights and hours of interesting conversations about movies, politics and bad car salesmen, we both agreed, Rick and I, that we will never have better roommates. IMG_5321

I met some old friends from the Junehouse in Hollywood, and it was fantastic to see them! Another bunch of good friends I’ve really missed. IMG_5339 For Rick’s birthday we went to Six Flags, an enormous theme parks with several rides, where Jasmine happened to be visiting on her summer vacation tour with her family. So I got to see her another time. 🙂 IMG_5507_2I got A new teaching job, teaching 6-9 year olds acting once a week. Hopefully a job that can grow, and it’s something.IMG_5518

IMG_5514We found our apartment, it’s a lovely large studio, in a gated area, RIGHT of Hollywood boulevard, by the walk of fame and the famous Chinese theatre. I’ll update the blog on how our lovely home evolves and slowly becomes our new cave. We already love it!

So that’s how the move has been. Long. Tricky. But greatly improved by the help of good friends, GOSH the amount of money we have saved because of their help. We are so lucky!

See you soon! xx


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