Meet Pinky and the Brain, our two new girlie friends that we are so super in love with. This is the third time I have been a proud rat owner, and I am again experiencing the joy of these personable and clever creatures. IMG_9657 Rick and I have discussed getting pets for a year, since we were in Hawaii, and I knew that I wanted to get a rat again, and Rick was thinking of getting a hamster or a guinea pig. But fate had other plans… as I was getting Brainy ready, (the grey one) The beautiful sand coloured Pinky charmed the pants of Rick. Pet rat - Rat - Pinky and the brain - sexy man And Rick said, ” Let’s get them both!” I was super happy, and it was great keep them together, Pinky would’ve been all alone in that cage, until her time came to be fed to one of the store snakes. (YEAH! WE SAVED THEM!) Sand color rat beautifu rat pet This is Pinky, the most beautiful rats I’ve ever seen. She is independent, energetic and sometimes shows really sweet loving moment of licking our hands or fingers, before scurrying off on for more exploring. Rick has spoiled his girl a little bit, so she is wilder and bigger, as he lets her roam about free, and it takes her a long time to settle down and want to cuddle, but she is confident and happy and she figures things out real fast.Pinky and the brain - rat - pet rat - grey female rat - small english rat - cuteThis is Brainy, my pet rat, she is the gentle one, and she rushes to mommy to hide from scary and sudden noises, although she is quickly growing more confident. She sits on my shoulder and sniffs around, and she runs after her bigger sister and puts up a tough fight when they play fight with each other. She is gentler when she climbs all over us with her nails and soft paws, she shows love and enthusiasm and comes when mommy calls. But if someone is offering up a snack she is quicker than Pinky to grab it and run of like a greedy little rat.

IMG_9656We love playing and free-ranging with them, and as soon as Los Angeles gets colder in the autumn, we can take them out in our garden and let them roam out in theRat standing on two feet Foot man foot rat sand color fresh air. Rats are so fun! Pet ratI apologise right now, because future post will probably include a lot of rats here and there. I’m so in love with them and so proud of how cute they are, and I’ll keep you posted on how well training and raising them goes!


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  1. Female bull says:

    Cute 🐭🐭


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