Sunday Funday – Griffith Park

We finally got our asses out of the house to do something free and healthy, a spontaneous little walk around Griffith park on a Sunday afternoon. Our Sunday Funday’s often has us tempted to lay on the couch all day, binge eat crap and watch Sopranos and Narcos. IMG_9688

But Rick had a genius idea as he could sense me feeling bored and restless, as he had consumed his HOURS AND HOURS of Football games, (the season is back on – yaaaay…..) And as I was about to give up on us actually doing something we both wanted together, he suggested we’d check out this famous park we’ve both been wanting to see. IMG_9690

So, we drive to the park, and walk the walk along the road until we get in to the actual area, and we both smile and sniff and agree that it smells familiar to us both. Griffith Park Los Angeles Hollywood sunday hike The types of trees, and the old leaves on the ground, it smells more like home. Hawaii was hot and tropical, and their parks and hike trails, although beautiful, they weren’t like this. It was a nice feeling. It was cooler as it was later in the day, and the sun was going down, it was perfect temperature and we both walked happily up and down the hills. IMG_9694

We are both well aware that we choose our screens way too often, we both love watching stuff, and we are slightly too addicted to our phones and macs. So we try to make time and good choices to spend more face to face time. But we haven’t done something like this in a loooong time. Griffith Park - things to do in Los Angeles - Travel - Tripadvisor - Enjoying the sunshine Just walking, and talking with no other distractions other then nature and the occasional passers by. It was magical. And the most basic thing we have in the world! Even living in a huge busy city like Los Angeles, we STILL have access to it, and I could see the families and hikers grateful faces as they enjoyed the sunny cool air with us.Griffith Park - Los Angeles - Hot guy  It’s in this light, and in this atmosphere that I am reminded of the beautiful person I am with. How handsome he really is. His gorgeous face, and dark beautiful brown eyes. I love that face.   IMG_9719Our two silhouettes makes for an odd couple. – I think. And so we are. Not just physically a little mis-matched, but two sides of the same coin, basic similarities that created our foundation, and small differences that makes every day a little complicated. And both carrying baggage that we help each other with. And situations we deal with quite differently. Griffith Park - Walk - Hike - Handsome sporty man = sunset

I love walking. When it’s not too hot. And it was just perfect. It’s strange, it probably sounds a bit silly me stating it over and over, but I’ve been away from Europe for a long time. From the woods of my neighbourhood in Norway and from the stunning parks and meadows of England. And it felt like I was getting my first piece of that on Sunday, walking in Griffith park with my husband. Sharing thoughts.Griffith park - Los Angeles - Tree - trees - trail - Hike  We gotta do this more often Rick!Kiss - Sunset - Griffith Park

Two hearts in the city

Los Angeles Viewed from Griffith Park
Los Angeles Viewed from Griffith Park

The Sunday Fun-day walk in Griffith park made me feel like I had finally landed. As Some jobs are settling me in, and finances are slowly improving, I feel like I can try to start. Start the great new adventure. I’ll try. I’ll try and succeed. Wish me luck. Los Angeles - Hollywood - Acting - Actress - the adventure starts here - Griffith Park - adventure - dreams - inspiration



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