A Few Fun Days

Amongst the many monotonous days that go by, as I am working, and worrying about money, IMG_5807Going to the gym and trying to get back in shape, I try to think positively and be grateful for the jobs I have, that do give me some pleasure IMG_5789Teaching, for me has brought me a LOT of Stress, a lot of work but also a lot of opportunities and money. It pays the bills, and kids just light up my life. No matter HOW tired I am in the morning, they wake me up, and give me energy. IMG_5922At Afterschool Allstars, my new location, I am thoroughly enjoying myself. The routine, setting up before the students arrive, preparing snacks, signing them in, meeting with my coworker for the little planning of the day before we start, and the great interaction with the kids. IMG_5923My coworkers here are stronger, more hardworking, and they arrive on time, unlike my co-workers in Hawaii, which was one of the things that drove me crazy. It’s not as laid back and lazy here, and the work ethic is better. IMG_5824I got an interview with a substitute teaching agency, and I was hired and am undergoing the long process of enrolling and getting set up. Hopefully soon I will be hurrying away in the early mornings to fill in for sick teachers and rake in the bucks, so I can meet my monthly budget. IMG_5822And then there are those days, those few in a month that just surprise you, with something good. I received a package from the production of the movie I was in, ‘Mike and Dave need Wedding dates.’ and I was tearful with joy and so honoured to be appreciated for the little part I played in the huge production. Can you BELIEVE IT!? So cool. IMG_5917Then there are those days when I catch an awesome gig, working as a background extra for a movie or tv show, or in this case an HBO (!!!!!) pilot, which pays GOOOOD and is so much fun. IMG_5916Ive been lucky with my extra jobs, they have been comfortable and fun, and on big fun awesome sets surrounded by busy people carrying expensive equipment, creative writers, directors and successful actors, the atmosphere is inspiring! And then there are the extras, like me. Some, veterans, not phased by anything and complaining about equity stuff. Then the newbies like me, some already complaining, and some, excited like children, like me. It is SO much fun. IMG_5919 The Food is SO GOOD. And there is always coffee, tea, water, soda and juices around, so you are always happy. Being paid BUCKS to sit and wait for hours and eat and eat and drink and talk to people, and then walk in the background as a blob in a real scene, it is SO COOL! IMG_9555And then there is a day, maybe, once in a year, maybe twice. When you get an insane call, from someone who works with a director who worked with you in a movie who wants you to come in and audition for a commercial on the same day. And you drop everything, ask to leave your job for the day, hurry on to the metro, get home, change, and hurry to the location, having NO idea what’s going on. IMG_5925I don’t have an agent yet, so I don’t hear about the big auditions, the amazing opportunities, and most of the things I submit for I am not considered for. Then here I come, in to a callback, surrounded by beautiful people, prepared and nervous, and I get the script and get in with a friendly familiar face. A face that smiles and got someone to call the number that I gave to that familiar face. That…. is…. INCREDIBLE. IMG_5924

Nerve wrecking and exciting, it was really fun. The audition went really well, and I felt good after I left. By now I know that it’s pretty much about what look they want, do I look right with the other person, bla bla bla, and I wasn’t sure I fit the bill. But I was blown away that the familiar face gave me the opportunity. And I really hope it happens again !!


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