The (Epic) Trip

IMG_6079 In October I went back home to Norway due to some family business, and it was officially the longest time I’ve ever been away from my family without visiting. I had missed my nephews so Goddamn much that I was so excited to see them. IMG_6096It was exciting to be cold, and wear scarves, jackets and my newly purchased $3 fur from goodwill, (WHAT A FIND). But the three reasons I really was there for was;

Number ONE: Big Yellow Storage Watford Clear out my storage in London.

I haven’t been ready until now, and I am really proud of how I managed (with LOADS of help from my best friend Gwen) to clear it out, and get rid of it. I was cold, cynical and said goodbye to endless amounts of treasures. It’s really really sad. I got the most important things, such as photos I can’t replace, maybe 30-40 DV tapes from the past, journals from the past decade etc.  I had 17 hours (after an 11 hour long flight, to clear it out and get rid of it. I was SO exhausted when I was back at the airport.

Number Two: IMG_9760Witness in court for Victoria.

As I’ve vaguely mentioned previously, she took her step father and mother to court for various awful reasons, and last time she knocked them out of the park, and he got FIVE years to prison. Norway’s system is not as strict as in other countries, although for that particular crime the punishment has increased, but since it was back in time, they have to go by the rates from back then. Anywho, the bastards appealed, (OF COURSE), and this time they got the biggest asshole of a lawyer, and I needed to witness again. So my mum helped me out a bit financially so that I could do it in person instead of on Skype.

THREE: IMG_9761Spend some quality time with my Grandma.

My Mormor is sharp as a knife, clear in the head and with good humor, but her body is old and her health is getting drastically worse. She has lost a TON of weight since  I last saw her, because she has this condition where her tongue makes everything taste disgusting like mould, so she is struggling to eat. And she is in a lot of pain, but she can’t take painkillers because they upset her weak stomach.

Neptune Pub SarpsborgI also got to meet up with some dear dear friends I haven’t seen for two years, at our old hang out, beloved Neptune Pub, which has been refurbished and is larger and better. Small changes to our small town, but this one was a good one. IMG_6103Mostly  I hung out at my sisters place, with my nephews and my sister and her man Lars. I miss them so badly when I am gone that I wanted to see them as much as I could, as they were leaving for Spain for holiday, before I was going to leave again. IMG_6118Nowhere is cosier than my mum’s place, and spending time with these ladies that mean so much to me was GOLD. Three crazy ladies. But strong, alive and fierce. IMG_9798I got to meet two new family members, our new adopted cat, Putin. ( Ha ha, yes I know, it’s an internal joke, hard to translate and explain, but yes I think it’s a brilliant name.) ANDIMG_6245My beautiful little nephew Daniel Angel. He is so funny and cute. He’s running around and smiling, and hiding things in places. He is odd. In a good way. I can’t wait to see how he turns out. IMG_9762Family dinners and gatherings, it almost felt like Christmas, the feeling I get, that I missed last year when I didn’t see them. I cannot WAIT to add my husband to this feeling, and get PERFECTION. IMG_9788My Grandmother, Mormor, is getting really old now, not in mind, but body. She recently celebrated her 90th. birthday and she is so full of life, but she has been a labourer her whole life, from an early age and wear and tear and cancer has taken it’s toll. It happens, in old age. I know. But DAMN. She has suffeered so many things. It’s just one thing after another. It’s stupid. But she still makes me smile and laugh, and roll my eyes, and she has always been like a second parent to me. IMG_6112My brave-ass niece, I can’t even BEGIN to tell you how EPIC she was in court, I wasn’t there when she said her piece, but I heard most of what happened, and she was so brave and amazing through the whole thing. Three days of TORTURE. She agreed to let me document the process, and I plan on perhaps using the material for something of great importance one day. She is so awesome, she shares, she is honest, she is not ashamed, because she shouldn’t be!

And I am happy to say, that the MONSTER lost again, and is going to prison, 3 years and 9 months I think. The lawyer managed to get it reduced, but it’s still of great consequence for him and for the COW  (her mother) it’s going to make a big difference, and only time will tell what will happen next. But one thing I know for sure is that Victoria will continue to make a difference. And be awesome. Oh and I forgot. I also met her amazing boyfriend, who happens to have the same name as my husband! Richard.



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