Halloween came and went, pretty quickly, but it was a good few days of celebrating. Star Wars costumes halloween Firstly, it was the Spooktacular event at the school I work at, a fun arrangement, where the school was decorated rather elaborately IMG_6212IMG_6199And this years theme was Disney, IMG_6202So there were some beautiful decorations and people with fun costumes IMG_6201I really wanted to dress as Sadness from Inside out, IMG_6183But then

I saw this lady’s outfit and It was just so awesome, and I felt like I couldn’t pull it off. I didn’t have the budget to buy a costume this year so I just put together something to look like kinda something. IMG_6188

Yep. A pirate. Pirates of the Caribbean is Disney you know? So. I look pretty decent, right? Well, I sweated so much from working that my stash fell off and I had to put on a fake beard instead. IMG_6191And I must say… I looked pretty hansome as a man. Monitoring the halls, trying to prevent the kids from running in the halls, after eating loads and loads of candy… IMG_6226The teachers had fun, playfighting with students, taking photos, running around.  IMG_6231And there was even a classroom designated to SMORES! So we sat around the small fires, toasting our marshmallows, and making smores and chowing down the sweets. It was so cozy. IMG_6216It was pretty fun seeing the very cool principle of the school dressed up in his tourist getup. IMG_6196And this student, who allowed me to take a picture of him in his incredibly well done Edward Scissorhands outfit. There was a gameroom, outside on the patio you could get popcorn, cotton candy, candie apples, hotdogs etc. And there were costume contests and lots and lots of fun.  IMG_9846Then on Halloween itself I was invited by my friend Heather, who I met on the set of an HBO pilot working as background, to join her friends at her house, and then going on to a bar.  Peanut Butter Jelly Time - Halloween costumes - Brian - Family guyThey had dressed up as “Peanut Butter Jelly Time” which I only know from Family guy, and  I put on my Harry Potter Student outfit, which I wish I could wear everyday anyway. And we headed to the bar. Hollywood HalloweenHollywood on Halloween was just packed with tourists, a lot of police, and the regular costumed people that are there everyday taking photos for tips. IMG_9853But Santa Monica, and the bar we went to was pretty Halloweeny. And to my surprise, the West side comedy club, Was the SAME comedy place I went to, all those years ago when I first went to LA, and hung around with the guys I met at the hostel, around the time I auditioned for the Groundlings!! Check out that Ol’ post here; https://jasminplease.com/2012/04/07/new-la-adventures/

There are pictures from the very same place faaaar down in the blog post! It’s so crazy ! I hardly ever go down there! IMG_9858There was Live Band Karaoke, which was fun, a small haunted house inside, and everyone were dressed up, dancing and singing. IMG_9852IMG_9856Heather is a pretty cool chick, she’s a lifestyle model, and is super fit, but she’s also a gigantic nerd, gamer and just an allround cool person. It was a great time. IMG_6255At the end of the night (midnight….yeah… I know..) I was pretty tired, and made my way home. Hope you all had a great Halloween.



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