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IMG_6256Rick and I have been hard at work lately, but luckily we’ve had some few nice days off together, where we’ve been watching our favourite shows and colouring in our coloring-book that my mum bought us. IMG_6167My friends Richard and Morten came to visit on their US tour, fresh from the Island of Oahu, and I had just seen them in Norway on my trip. But it was so fun showing them this part of the world which is my home right now. They slept on our couch, met our rats, and we had some fun nights together. 
Griffith Park sunday fundayWe love taking a stroll in Griffith Park on a sunday too,IMG_9873But this time we went during the hottest time of the day and we gave up halfway and went back home to our cage. IMG_9861This is what a typical Sunday Funday looks like at our place. I am binge-eating from morning till night, as it’s the only day in the week i an eat unhealthy and past 8 o clock, (trying to be healthy), Rick watches ALL the games from morning till evening, where we finally share the TV and we watch our favourite shows. IMG_9894 The rats are a constant entertainment, and are such sweet pets. Rick spoils them a bit with treats, but we try to keep them healthy. IMG_9896 IMG_9898Look at Brainy! Ha ha ha.IMG_9884Richard and Morten came by again for a day, and we went to the movies together, after being served a delicious meal at Hard Rock, by Rick. Rick joined us and we went up to CityWalk and had a good time. IMG_9903The boys left us a lovely present, a card with some money that they insisted we spend on a date night, since we’ve been so poor lately, we haven’t gone out to dinner together since we moved into our apparment! How sweet is that! IMG_9904So curtesy of Richard and Morten we got ready for a date night! I was sitting on my computer, finishing up some paperwork and waiting for Rick to get ready. And all of a sudden I noticed that I was home alone, and right as I started looking, someone knocked on the door! I opened it and there he stood with a balloon flower ! Ha ha ha. IMG_9907

Rick took me to this Italian restaurant I’ve been walking past so many times, It’s just down the street and it has live music, it’s called Miceli’s.  Miceli's - Hollywood - Italian Restaurant - Date - DatenightWe haven’t had proper Italian food for a while, so it was lovely. It was really super Italian there, the decorations, and the atmosphere, and the lady at the piano played and sang Italian American music amongst other classics.  Miceli's - Hollywood - Italian Restaurant It was really romantic . We are definitely going back! When we can afford going out again… ha ha. IMG_9909 IMG_9915We went home and watched ‘Trainwreck’ and snuggled up on the couch, with some ice cream. IMG_9924Then I got treated like a real lady, to a pedicure and foot massage by my husband… ha ha. Who sportingly agreed to pose for this picture. He is THE BEST. I am so lucky! IMG_9923And of course the girls joined us at the end of the night.

Can’t wait for Richard and Morten to come back on the 18th, before they travel back home! Thanks guys for a good time! 🙂


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  1. Mamsi says:

    💞Looking goooood💞💖🎈🐀🐁


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