A Bangin’ Birthday

Purple Nails, nails on fleek, glitter polish, acrylicI have been so incredibly excited about my birthday, as I had planned a little party + Potluck at the school where I work with my Improv students. The kids have been so excited, and so have I. And of course, one loves the presents, the attention, the cards, the excuse to indulge…IMG_6391 and the last thing one expects to have to deal with on the morning of your birthday.. Is a clogged toilet.Clogged toiletYes, thanks husband from hell, “Eh, so the toilet is clogged.” “Well, can’t you sort it out?” “No! I gotta go to school soon!” My friend Morten who is visiting asksIMG_6389 “Oh, I need to take a leak, is that not okay now?” My husband says, “Yeah, no that’s not a problem.” He sits there and for five minutes, then is about to leave, I say ” Seriously? Can’t you unclog it?!” “NO! I’ll be late… jeez… at least I told you this time.” Yeah, great thanks. My friend just peed in there in addition and now I gotta do this!? My pal tries to help me out but he can’t do it. So I spend about 15 minutes of my day unclogging my husbands shit. Yeah, I’m pretty pissed. By the time I get to work I’ve worked up a bad mood, but is met by my gorgeous awesome coworker Myra, who by the way has an awesome style blog; http://www.styledbymay.com/Starbucks Birthday Cake Pop

She got me a birthday cake pop from Starbucks, + a card + a giftcard! Ahhh, she’s the best. So I slowly got into a better mood, and as soon as we set up in the cafetera and the students started coming in I was surrounded by birthday wishes, and we commenced the party in our classroom. IMG_6397It got crazy quickly. IMG_6399 IMG_6400The kids took care of everything, sorting out the snacks, passing it out, pouring the drinks, playing the music… They danced, and they sang, and they entertained me, IMG_6401 IMG_6407and lavished me in presents and treats. IMG_6396It was a blast. They cleaned up everything in the room before we left, and as I zoomed home from work on the Metro, I felt a hell of a lot better.

My husband and I got ready to go out IMG_6419 IMG_6425and meet some pals at the ‘No Vacancy’ Speakeasy that my pal Zach had recommended, and sadly no photos were allowed in there, which SUCKS because it was absolutely beautiful! Of course, being the savvy chick I am, i snabbed some pics from the GOOG,no-vacancy- Hollywood - Speakeasy and here is one of the beautiful outside, where we sat in front of the fireplace, and played some question games and chatted for a good ol’ time. The inside bar and eating areas were so beautiful and exactly the style I like. The atmosphere was great, but I’ve heard that on weekends and later in the evening it gets crazy busy. It was empty when we got there, as we got there just as it opened,  and people trickled in and it got quite busy as we left. It was a good time.no-vacancy- Hollywood - Speakeasy - Bar

I’ve had some great birthdays over the years!

In 2011, I was at home in Norway, and gathered some good friends for some good times; https://jasminplease.com/2011/11/21/birthday-celebrations/

In 2012, I was in Hollywood at the Junehouse and had  great celebration https://jasminplease.com/2012/11/28/birthday-celebrations-2/

In 2013, I was in Africa! And celebrated with lobster and good volunteer friends; https://jasminplease.com/2013/11/25/birthday-again/

In 2014, last year, I was in Hawaii, celebrating with my new Husband and Hawaiian friends; https://jasminplease.com/2014/11/26/birthday-blessings/

I am truly blessed. Thanks for my birthday wishes from everybody, and I wish you all great birthdays too!

If You’ve read my previous Blog, you know that I am running out of storage, so this might be one of my last blogs… for a while at least … 😦 Financially I can’t really afford upgrading to the business package on WordPress which means I can’t upload more photos, so there will be little reason to actually blog. But we will see!

Thank you for reading!


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