Oh my goodness. I’ve been working on a birthday blog post to update peeps about my birthday, and I was going to start properly uploading some of my photos And GUESS WHAT. I have spent ALL my space on this website, 13GIG! That’s insane! I’ve been blogging for YEARs now and last time this happened to me, I moved my blog from Blogspot to WordPress, and now… I don’t know what to do.

What you can do is, upgrade, but I already have a pro account! I use this website for professional things as well as blogging, and I pay $99 a year to keep it this cool! And now they want me to pay $199 a year the first year and then $299 from then on?! Heeeeeeeeeeelp! That’s insanely expensive.

I don’t do like a fashion blog or anything cool with loads of ads on the site so I get sponsored or money or anything, And I’m just supposed to pay this out of pocket? This is crazy.

Does anybody have any advice? Should I move my site again? Is there somewhere better / more reasonable?


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  1. Arild says:

    Do as I do: enjoy the life without a blog! It´s free 😉


    1. jasminplease says:

      But how am I to share my wonderful life with you through photos? 😉


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