Reduce reuse recycle

So I have a few blogs left with photos! So I thought I’d take advantage and show you some of my daily life. Enjoy. It’s so interesting, I know. Work training group collaborative meeting So, there are those days where you go to courses/trainings for your job, and this is one of those days. You get up earlier than usual, don’t bother putting on your face, get there, you don’t know nobody and don’t really wanna get to know nobody, you just wanna get in and out. Then the lady who is doing the class puts on ‘TOXIC’ –  By Britney Spears, and says, ‘Nothing to wake you up like Britney.’ Yeah… We all looked at each other with the same look. IMG_6361_2Training was done, I went to the gym for a quick session on the treadmill with high incline, so as to burn more calories faster AND be gentler on the knee. 😉 God I hate the gym. With a passion. But, it’s good to do some exercising and so I try to go to lift weights and do classes as much as I can muster. IMG_6434 I put my face on and go to work! Yaay! Don’t you love my fake fur vest? It was $3 at Goodwill! YES! Reduce, Reuse, Recycle! IMG_6446Our boss had us cleaning out the messy messy dirty closet with all the games and stuff that we use for the afterschool program, and it was like a neverending chore. Boxes and boxes, dirty clothes, broken toys, missing pieces, but we made it through, we made it look okay, reorganised it and  made it respectable again. The kids came in and we started our classes. AFTER I made an announcement about how they HAVE to put stuff back nicely and treat it with respect of course. IMG_6447We did a reading of the play I wrote for this class, it’s called ‘The Big event’ and it’s a comedy about the school doing an event with guest speakers and stars such as Shia Labeouf, Donald Trump and the princess of Denmark. It’s kinda a farce and it’s really funny, and the kids read it really well. I’ve finally cast them in the parts, and we are beginning to really rehearse as the show is on the 18th of december! IMG_6443I am really happy at the school I work at, so I’ve applied for a full time job there as an Instructional assistant, so that Rick and I can get back on our feet financially and then I can really try and go for it in my career next year, like get better more expensive headshots and try the pilot season. IMG_6471So I got an email from the writer of a new TV show that I auditioned for, I absolutely LOVED the writing and I think I did really well, and I had a feeling they were seriously considering me. After a while though I knew since i hadn’t heard anything, that I hadn’t been cast, but I just wanted the closure. IMG_6482 IMG_6481Oh well! Just gotta power on! And believe in myself, one day that part will come, and it will be MIIIIIIIINE! 🙂


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