Thanksgiving thanks

We were invited to Odd and Terre’s to join them for thanksgiving and we were so excited! IMG_0070

Went to the store and got our drinks, our tradition, Seven up and Cranberry mixed together! It’s good stuff. Thanksgiving outfit- fashion  - Cranberry - 7up - Fall - Los AngelesStanding here in front of our beloved car, Griffy. He’s old but he runs smooth, and he gets Rick to School. Thanksgiving - flowers - centerpiece - sunflower - fall colorsWe got to Odd and Terre’s familiar house and were greeted by our good friends, and their dog Bella, and their nephew Sean. They were already cooking and the house smelled so good! We put on my big fat Greek wedding and sat down enjoying the fun movie. thanksgiving - turkey family dinnerOdd had to turn around the bird, and we all gathered round to watch this spectacle, Terre got a splattered a little on her nice shirt, but she took it pretty well.Thanksgiving - Turkey dinner - family - America - Holiday - CranberriesWhen it was finally done we were all starving and were so excited that we all had to take a photo of the beauty. Just look at it. Turkey - Turkey dinner - Thanksgiving - the perfect turkey - cookAhhhhhh, I found out today that I prefer the darker meat, the unhealthier parts, ha ha. Typical me, but fudge! It is so much more tasty!Thanksgiving - Turkey dinner - family - America - Holiday - Cranberries - tableWe sat down and ate and relaxed, but it didn’t take us long before we talked about politics, with Terrie and Rick in the lead. Rick got some Bernie Sanders bumper stickers for Griffy. He’s already registered to vote in California and he watches all the debates. Thanksgiving - Turkey dinner - family - America - Holiday - Cranberries - movieWe were so full we had to take a nap and an hour break before we ate the pumpkin and apple pies, and we watched their traditional Thanksgiving movie, “Planes, Trains and automobiles’, which was hilarious and really moving. I will add that to ‘Fantastic mr. Fox’. It was such a good time! Thank you Odd and Terre for having us, for cooking for us and for treating us to a good time! HAPPY THANKSGIVING everybody.

We are thankful for such great friends.



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