The everyday days

IMG_6334_2I am so lucky that I love  my job, yeah I don’t really make as much as I want, I am not entirely financially secure yet, but you know what? I don’t dread going to work everyday. In fact, most day I’m looking forward to it! Getting on the Metro Underground, walking a few minutes, and POP! I’m there. It’s a short journey everyday. IMG_6473Just like any Underground, you see a lot of characters and dodgy types, like this guy, who was sorting out his drugs on the floor, messing about with putting weed and cocaine into containers, and even LICKING the remains of cocaine off of the grimy floor. But hey, I don’t have my drivers licence yet, so where would I be without public transportation? IMG_6442Some days are harder then others, some days the kids are absolutely crazy and they suck every single drop of energy out of you. And you think about what you are really doing with your life, and how your acting and directing career really isn’t where you want it to be, comparing yourself to your friends who are succeeding left right and centre. And worrying about the money, that you don’t have, the money you owe, and all the things you could do, if you had the money. IMG_6477Then, your boss asks you to stay late and do some of the boring copying and emailing work for him, and you’re stuck there trying to figure the Xerox out. IMG_6452Then you come home, to a husband that loves you, and a really nice apartment and two lovely pet rats, and remember it’s not so bad.  IMG_6453I am working on writing and creating stuff, so I try to scribble some stuff everyday, not that I manage it every day, but I try. Progress, slowly but surely. IMG_6456 Then you force yourself to go to the gym, and you remember that last time you forgot your yoga mat for the yoga class, you remember your yoga mat, but forget your gym bag with your water and keys. Great. IMG_6460At least you don’t have to do Zumba.

This is usually what my days look like. They go by so fast, that I worry I am missing out, so I try and make the most of it and enjoy the little things. And who knows what tomorrow will bring, eh?


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