Messin around with Mayra

Christmas is near everybody!!! AhhhhH! I’m so excited Starbucks - red cup - Christmas - Biscuits - Red Nails - Gingerbread I’ve been indulging in gingerbread cookies that my mum sent me for my birthday in this cool vintage box, and two free Starbucks drinks that My pal Mayra got me 🙂 Mayra Style Instagram Fashion BloggerAnd as we’ve been talking about doing this for a while, Mayra came to visit me in Hollywood, arriving in her sexy car, ready to do a “collab” as the YouTubers call it. Carli Bybel Palette - Review - BH beauty cosmetics - YouTube She brought the Carli Bybel palette (Which is a GREAT Christmas gift idea for any lady)  and her brushes, and I was super excited to try it as I don’t own it. IMG_9951We had so much fun laughing and making bloopers (naturally – without trying) So I’m excited to see the video when she publishes it on YouTube, I will add it to this post. Carli Bybel Palette - Review - BH beauty cosmetics - YouTube  - Fall colors - Brown Eyes - Hazel EyesWe both loved it, the colours are Gorgeous, As you can see, especially for Brown and Hazel eyes.Carli Bybel Palette - Review - MissPlease - StyledByMay - YoutubeThey are quite pigmented, but still very easily blendable, most of them are Shimmer, and nowadays I actually prefer matte, but it’s I do love the occasional glamorous shimmer and glitter. The Palette is just so good for everyday or an evening look. My favourites were the top left nude colour, it is GORGEOUS! The dark brown on the second to the far left, is also veeeery nice with my eye color. Other favourite was the bottom left highlighter, which just gives a LOT, you only need to dab your brush, and it goes a long way. It was awesome, and so beautiful. IMG_9954It’s only around $15 on BH cosmetics and it’s totally worth the price. When I scrape myself up from the bottom of this broke pit, I will most definitely purchase it! IMG_6579Then as we’re shooting another video for my channel (will update you tomorrow) our boss calls us and tells us that the Early Release that he had told us was cancelled, was still on, meaning we should have been there over an hour ago, so we change into our shirts, rush into the car and get on to work. The kids had been out for a while, and we were needed as we pretty much run the show over there.

So, again, check out beautiful Mayra’s Fashion blog and Instagram;

And stay tuned for the video!


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