HELP – I need a job!

Fudge. Fudge on a spiky stick smelling of rotten excrement. I didn’t get the job. Me and my husband are in debt, and are financially backed up into a corner. Next summer when our lease is up we have to move to a smaller, less expensive place. I am so incredibly upset. I was going to save us with that job, I was going to row us in land, and start saving up and sorting things out and go full throttle during the pilot season next year. But I didn’t get it. Baby crying

Now. I gotta find another job. If I was alone, things would be different. I could go at my own pace, figure things out for myself without any outside pressure, sharing a house with other people to save money and be able to do what I want, but I am married now. Someone is relying on me and we are sharing the responsibility. I don’t like it when people say, – Time to grow up.Insulted child - fuck you- how_to_avoid_a_child_to_say_bad_words Shut up! I am grown up! I have faced things that even “grown ups” haven’t, and I have survived it. I have chosen a difficult path, and a certain way to follow it, it is going to take time. I am grown up, but I am still childish, naive and wanting to play, to be free, to be happy. I want to be happy in whatever job I have. But now, I know I can’t be picky, I gotta just go out there and really really try, to get a full-time job. For the first time, and be a “grown-up” with the other grownups in America, with health insurance, and paid sick-leave and a work email.

But how do I do it? I tried to find a job when I first got here, and I quickly got a drama teaching job, which I quit after a while because the hours were few and I wasn’t happy. I also got another teaching job, transferred from ASAS in Hawaii to here, and I am so happy in that job. I also got picked up by a Substitute teaching company, that I work with sometimes. But I also applied for Starbucks, Dave and Busters, H&M, and only with the latter did I even get a job interview!

Job search
I did all these following things;
  • Updated my resume/resumes
  • Gathered letters of recommendations from my employers in Hawaii
  • Updated my Linkedin
  • Created a babysitting profile on
  • Printed out shiny pretty resumes
  • Walked to several places, looking fabulous, handed out my resumes, shook managers hands
  • Applied online
  • Followed up with the applications
  • Applied for babysitting jobs online
  • Signed up for Background work at several companies
  • Worked as background for TV shows and as paid audience
  • Checked Craigslist for any kind of job I am qualified for
  • Emailed submissions to said job with resumes, letters and photos

And all I got was the above-mentioned opportunities. Why? What Did I NOT do? Or what did I do wrong? What ELSE can I do? HEEEEELP


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