Dreary days

IMG_6631For the past week I’ve been sick, with a cold and headaches, and my wisdom tooth has just bursted up and torn my flesh open and created ulcers and a tight jaw and just Paaaaain. It sucks. I’ve still gone to work, jumped on the Metro train, back and forth each day, because we are pretty down on our luck with the money right now. As mentioned, I didn’t get that job, which would be perfect, so now we’ve just panicked and I’ve kind of felt pressured, (and possibly rightly so) to look for another job.IMG_6623 A full time job. So after work, I’ve been sitting in bed with my laptop, updated my resume, my LinkedIn, and applied for several jobs. IMG_6621 The problem is, I love my job at ASAS. I don’t want to not come back next year, I love the kids, my coworker Mayra. I just… ahhhh. It’s flexible, like they will understand if  I have to go to an audition, etc.  I am also getting a bit of a raise soon. But, it’s just not enough hours and in the middle of the day. But I’m trying to find a job that will allow me to do both, but my priority can’t be that. It’s just gotta be to get something. At least I got an interview, the other day, but Oh My GOD I don’t wanna work for the kind of people I met there. But again I can’t be picky. Sometimes when one feels down, one just have to treat oneself, make oneself feel worthy of treats. Considering that I don’t drink alchohol, or smoke or do drugs, I save a lot of money on that. And STILL I’m broke, I know. Starbucks red cup white chocolate mochaBut… a White chocolate mocha from Starbucks is something I don’t have very often, but it tastes so good and makes me feel very good too. Being sick sucks, constantly being uncomfortable, and just not having energy to do anything. The work and Crap piles up….IMG_6634BUT I found something very exciting during my searches, an internship at PARAMOUNT PICTURES!!! Paramount-Studios-033 dream job - internshipOh My God, I want it so bad. When I was there working as an extra, I totally fell in love with the studio. That would be my DREAM come true if I got that internship, and I could actually start climbing the career ladder! Which is hard in my chosen area of work, but I could actually do it there! So I applied, and I really really hope they pick me as a candidate, so wish me luck!!! begging-cat-215x300Please please please please please please please please please please please please please  gimme that internship Paramount please please !


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