Integrating a new female rat

Petco Los Angeles CaliforniaWe have been talking for a while about getting a third rat, and we’ve been looking on craigslist and at online sites for rats that needed rehoming, as we are conscious that some breeders breed for the money and don’t care for the rats at all, but as we were in Petco to buy some stuff, there was only a few rats left, a worker in there told us that they won’t carry rats anymore. And that he would give us a good deal for all of them as he would rather they end up in a loving home. IMG_6603I have mixed emotions about Petco. I saw some bad things at the Hawaii one, and I don’t like how they have Betta fish in tiny plastic boxes on display, with literally NOTHING but water in them. They did the same in Hawaii, and there I saw several beautiful but dead ones. Petco Turtles Los AngelesHowever, if you set aside the internal conflict, being in a pet store is fun! Turtles pet Petco Los AngelesAnd the Petco down on LaBrea has a lot of different animals. Look at this cute guy! IMG_6606These guys have clearly hired a very good decorator for their homes. IMG_6607Look at this guy! Adopt a Cat - Petco - Los Angeles California LabreaOne of the saddest things you see is this, the abandoned cats and dogs, just laying within the cage, waiting. Rick and I wanted to save them so bad, and we would if it weren’t for my extreme allergies, I am SO allergic to cats! Even with allergy tablets, I am so uncomfortable around them. It’s tragic. Adopt a Cat - Petco - Los Angeles California Labrea - sleeping Rick wanted to adopt one so bad, and of course so did I, but.. we can’t. We hope these kitties find a better home soon. Mice - Petco - Los Angeles - LabreaThere were plenty of mice, and they are fun small little fellas, so cute and active. Sleeping Hamster white = Petco = Los Angeles - LabreaLook at this chubby hamster snoozing away! Awww ha ha ha.

Anyway, so the guy really wanted us to take all three of the remaining female rats, but we decided on just taking one, as it takes time and money to properly take care of pets. We’ve spent a lot of time getting to know and house train Pinky and The Brain, and they are so happy and social.

We wanted to properly integrate our new female rat, so they could all live together, and be able to get to know her and make her feel loved. As guilty and sad we felt about not saving her two sisters, we adopted this Albino girl, and named her Snowby Wan Kanobi. Snowby Wan Kanobi - Star wars Rat - Pet I asked why they are not carrying rats anymore, and the guy said for security reasons, apparently the breeder had gotten complaints because when the rats have been fed to snakes they had often fought back too hard, and bitten the Snakes, and the Snake owners had to take their expensive snakes to the vet! Ha ha ha ha. Yeah that’s right, strong tough ratties! Pinky and The Brain - Pet rats - Snowby Wan Kanoby - Albino rat Rick and I introduced the girls on neutral ground, (In the bathtub) one by one, and it went really well. We also put them in other places together and kept a close eye on them, we had Snowby on her own seperate level for the first two days, and only let them play a little, now we’ve made an opening so they can all three go up and down and hang out. And it didn’t take long before they showed us their sisterly love.

We filmed the first meeting and I will update with a post on that so you can see.


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  1. cbecker53 says:

    I haven’t been good about keeping up at reading your post, so I didn’t know you were rat parents. I’m deathly allergic to cats, too, and even though I’m on allergy meds, could never live with one. I can’t breathe, and I do like to breathe. But we have a dog. Never thought of rats; they make me a little nervous actually, but these are so cute! And I loved all your other photos of the other animals at Petco. I too, feel sorry for them cooped up that way hoping for a new home. Pet stores sound fun in theory, but are really not good for the animals. Enjoy Snowby. Love the pink eyes!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. jasminplease says:

    Ah, I know the pain! But thank Goodness you can have a dog! ❤ Yeah, our rats are very friendly, and loving too! Thank you for the comment. 🙂


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