Looking around | VLOGMAS

IMG_6597Christmas is nearing and I am still looking for work, applying here and there, submitting here and there, and enjoying the seasons festivities around me, without spending a dime. Check my second Vlogmas episode for more adventures in Hollywood;


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  1. King Guru says:

    The shop very good the lipstick not flattering


    1. jasminplease says:

      Thanks and thanks for your opinion on my lipstick.


    2. Rick says:

      Shop was great. Video was fun, more please!! And I LOVE the lipstick, colors on you work in every way. My mom shows your pix to all her friends and say that is my son’s wife and they think you are so beautiful, they remark and say the same thing that I said when we first dated. And that is that you look just like Katy Perry LOL hahahaha You are a women that has a talent to look so many different ways with so many styles, I am enticed and intrigued. YYYY

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      1. jasminplease says:

        Awww, thank you babe! Ha ha 🙂


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