Update on our Rats – Integrating Female rats

As I mentioned in my post ‘Integrating a new female rat’ we have gotten a new female Rat in our family, and Pinky and The Brain had to be introduced to our new female Albino – Snowby Wan Kanobi. Before opening up the space for them all to share, we kept them seperately for a few days, letting them mingle while we were watching, and then finally opening it up for them to mingle all day, then keeping them seperate at night. Now, they are free to roam day and night, and we’ve been lucky, there’s been no conflicts and the girls get along great. But they seem to eat a LOOOT more. Eating us out of the house. Anyway, Here’s the first time the girls met:

Any questions on integrating rats, feel free to comment below 🙂


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