Norwegian Christmas in LA

Happy Christmas people! I hope your celebrations were as good as mine, and that you are still doing family dinners and being with the people you love. Sadly Christmas doesn’t give the human race a protective bubble until it’s gone, and people starve, suffer and die every Christmas, and usually it’s not us. But when it is us, Christmas seems pointless… Although, it’s not is it? It is the time to enjoy and love each other. Rats cosying up together Since I am away from my family in Norway again this year, I was excited that we were invited by our family friends to join them at the Norwegian church in LA. IMG_0013The church was packed with Norwegians, and American-Norwegians, and it smelled of Norwegian food, and during the sermon we sang Norwegian songs. IMG_0007For me it was just incredibly cool to Have Rick with me, and to be able to show him Norwegian Tradition, and have him taste the food for the first time. And luckily, I got it all on camera! So here is a video of our fun filled day, shared with good friends, and our cute ratties;

IMG_0015We had a good day, and on Christmas day, Rick had to work, so I was invited to our friends for another Norwegian Christmas dinner IMG_0025Which was awesome. Don’t worry though, I brought a lot of leftovers back for Rick!



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  1. Kenneth says:

    A from Kenya I need to have a friendship with you.


    1. jasminplease says:

      Did we meet?


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