Happy New Year?

At the end of 2015 I was getting better from my month of being sick, and started going back to the gym, to make it easier for me in the new year when I always aim to get active and proactive. IMG_6756As hard as it is to motivate myself to go to the Gym, I do accomplish to get my ass there at least 3 times a week, on good weeks 4 or 5 times. Next year I will try a consistent 4 times a week, unless I am suuuuper busy or Sick of course. IMG_6760Rick had to work on NYE , so we didn’t get to kiss the new year in or hold hands and watch the fireworks, but we spent a lot of time together on the cusp, going to the cinema, and going shopping for some few new things needed for the new year. IMG_6767So here I sat… In our appartment… All by myself.. on New Years Eve. IMG_6769Nah of course not! I had been invited to join Odd and Terre at their fabulous French friend Michele! Yaaaaaay! I met him before a few years ago, at one of his successful restaurant, and I just KNEW that there would be good food. Inspiring homes - Painted wooden masksAs we got into his great smelling house, I got emotional just walking around as his house was incredible! The decor, the organisation, how clean it was, eclectic and customised.  It was like a gallery, an exhibition!  Those masks over the fireplace are masks he has gathered from all over the world, and painted white. JESUS! That is so cool!Inspiring homes - Use of colour and WhiteThe use of colour, the use of different types of furniture. Inspiring homes - Hallway - framed photosThe hallways, with a collection of the same themed photos, framed and put up stylishly and systematically. Inspiring homes - Bathroom - Photos, TilesThe bathroom, the warmth of it, the photos of family and friends, the warm fluffy towels, how incredibly CLEAN it was.. Inspiring homes - Bathroom - Towels - RolledAnd how he ROLLS his towels! Just like I do! Except his look PERFECT and mine… well..Inspiring homes - Set table - centrepiece - candlesThe table was set so beautifully, with decorations that he fixed up and made himself, with clean material napkins with a beautiful themed clay ball and wood bracelet kind of napkin holders.. IT was TOO GOOD! IMG_6778Why oh WHY didn’t I bring my camera!? I know these photos are rubbish and I just cannot capture the atmosphere. But I had such a great time in fantastic company! I was so happy, the people were great, we talked about great things, and I reflected on life, and death, and love and how I want to be better this year then last year, like I always do. IMG_6790My good friends, who take care of me like family, Who when I told everyone the story of how we met, and I honestly described the sad and angry feelings towards them when we first met, as they were going to buy our family summer house from us, as we couldn’t keep it up. They cried, with understanding, empathy and love. IMG_1069They took this picture. I could hardly hide my spitefulness as I was hurting so bad. This was my favourite place in the world! And as much as I’ve improved on this, I find it extremely hard to deal with change… with change of things that are great the way they are. And I told everyone how they helped me when I first moved to LA, and how they took me and Rick in when we moved here again in the summer. And how much I love them now, and how it was most definitely meant to be that they and nobody else took over Kvalvika. IMG_6786These handmade chocolate truffles was it. I couldn’t BELIEVE it. He had cooked us a three course meal with dessert AND these truffles. The main course was A TURKEY… with a GOOSE inside it… WITH A CHICKEN INSIDE THAT! And in between two different types of stuffing. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! It depressed me how I know I will NEVER reach that level of cooking or entertaining. But his house, sparked something in me. They told me that every time they visit him, the house looked different. He moves things around, constantly. Just like Rick likes to do, which has been difficult for me to embrace.

This year I need to

  • Finish what I start
  • Take better care of my things and my home
  • Not buy ANY more clothes, and just be creative with what I have
  • Really TRY to succeed in my chosen career
  • Put myself OUT THERE
  • Keep our place clean, organised and creatively beautiful like I attempt half the time, even with a low budget
  • Stay in touch with friends and family
  • Keep on practising patience
  • Work on my biggest flaws, Insomnia, Bitterness, the resistance to change, the hate for working out and my self – doubt.

I can do this! It’s gonna be the year! IMG_6773Do I sound ambitious? Well I am. I always have been. And I do get better every year. And this year is it. It is the year. I’m gonna do it. You wait and see! I hope if you are reading this, that you had a great New Years Eve celebration, that you are excited about this new year and that you have a successful, happy 2016!Happy New year


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