Stop Shopping!

One of my resolutions this year, was the desicion to NOT buy any new clothes. Because I basically have everything I need! And I am poor. And a million other good reasons, but it’s proven itself challenging already, and it’s only february…Jenny Skavlan Shoppestopp Jasmin Haugstuen Please Blog Youtube got the idea from my mother, who told me that Jenny Skavlan (above) A Norwegian entertainer/style/fashion blogger challenged herself to a “Shoppestopp” Which means to stop shopping, for six months. She started reviewing what she already had in her closet, sewed, restyled and fixed up her old pieces, and created new looks and outfits with them, instead of buying any new clothes. img-thingBut I am already struggling. I DON’T HAVE ANY DENIM PIECES! I want a denim shirt! OMG! I left it behind, I donated one, and I have just realized that I don’t have a denim shirt anymore… ahhhh Heeellp NMTBB0H_muI want it so bad, I keep seeing people wearing them around me, it’s that time of the year… and… Nope. I just gotta wait. It’s a gap in my clothing collection that I didn’t see before I started this project. img-thing (1)And I don’t have any CAMO!!! Ahhhh I’ve loved camouflage since I was a kid, and I’ve pretty much always had something in that pattern. 3437629_lookbook18I don’t know what to do I want it so much. But again. I gotta wait. I can live without. I am sure I have something in some kind of green that I can compensate with…. Maybe. I hope.

Anyway, here’s a video I made for the beginning of this DIFFICULT – First world Problem – Challenge that I have started. Check it out, and wish me luck! And PLEASE feel free to give me advice and words of comfort…  😉


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  1. King Guru says:

    Easy peasy, just ask your husband to buy a couple of shirts, and then beg steel or borrow…(think that’s a song)


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