Trying Blue Apron

For a long time I have been wondering about the wonder of getting food delivered to your door. In London, me and Gwen did Tesco’s delivery some times, and it was great, but it was just groceries delivered to your door. Food subscription - Jasmin Please - Review - Les-Nouveaux-Fromagers-1-(1I have wanted to try the real luxury, of getting meal prep delivered to your door, which is the next step up, and the step up before you get ready meals delivered.

After considering this for years, and lately looking through offers, companies, and reviewing my finances and how much I spend on food, I decided to go for it.

It’s not binding, so I’m not committing to anything, there is a welcome deal, so you get a discount on your first order, and when you look at the cost, it’s not too bad. It’s actually maybe, really worth it!

Blue Apron Food subscription review Jasmin Please Blog I decided to go with Blue Apron, they have gotten good reviews, and they are a solid company, with the most reasonable prices. The delivery is free, and I’ve heard great things about the recipes. Out of other food subscription companies, they don’t let you choose your menu willy nilly, but you can alter the menu with certain combinations, and of course, when you join, you input your food preferences, allergies etc. It looks a lot healthier then the meals I cook, and when I try to cook really healthy, it takes me a long ass time to figure out what, how, and to find the right ingredients. I often have to buy a bunch of things I’m not gonna use again anytime soon. And that’s whats good about this concept!

They deliver, to your door, the recipe, the proportionate ingredients (for two) and the seasonings! It’s easy peasy. Or so they say… So we’ll see!Blue Apron Review - Crispy Brown Butter Gnocchi - Trial week - Food - Food delivery subscription This is one of my first recipes I am getting delivered; Crispy Brown Buttered Gnocchi with Meyer Lemon and Brussel sprouts! Okay… looking forward to it! 🙂

I will try this for a week, and see what my husband says, and I will write a review after the one week, and if we continue, I will write another for a months subscription. Fingers crossed! Stay tuned!


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