It’s been a while

Hello readers!

Time flew by so awfully quickly, and slow at the same time.  And honestly, I delayed having to pay the annual fee to be able to use the storage on WordPress. But now I’m back at it. I’ve missed it, and I hope you missed me a little 🙂

Things happened along the way, and to get you up to speed this is a summary;

  • I worked Harry Potter world at Universal Studios 12747957_10153968985346514_8960231978138998333_o
  • Went to visit my family in Norway, with Rick for the first time 13898243_10154645062898268_938517364_o
  • I got a job at my favourite studio in Hollywood, I was accepted into the Page program IMG_8998
  • Got signed by a new acting manager
  • I got a job as a live streamer for an entertainment called Sonicbox for a while
  • Started a new Jazz band ‘Ben Grafton and the Hoobatubes’ Portable Network Graphics image-F6179023F0E1-1
  • Started working seriously as a PA, AD and Script supervisor on productions IMG_9248
  • Visited Ricks family in Alaska for the first time, and spent Christmas there
  • Gained a fair few poundsCUrjPP2UYAEnjYE
  • Did my first classes at the Improv and comedy school UCBUCB peeps

I think that’s pretty much it! I will try to post regularly, and try to update you on my life in Hollywood, on the Paramount lot, on set, in the Gym, travelling, and all the good ol’ stuff I’ve always been scribbling about. Do comment below if you have any questions or anything in particular that you want me to elaborate on.

Thanks for your support! X J




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