13 reasons why NOT to watch 13 reasons why

  1. Its a waste of time
  2. Its predictable – you’ll guess it all in the first episode
  3. You could be watching Big Little Lies instead
  4. The acting is… meh, to say the least
  5. The ending is disappointing and kind of unsolved so that it leaves it open for a second season, to waste more of your time
  6. You can figure out what happens by reading a summary online
  7. Your not a high schooler, if you are, sure, watch it.
  8. You could be watching Vice news instead
  9. It’s an interesting concept but doesn’t need a season of episodes, and it’s been done better, differently – but better, in CARRIE.
  10. It’s trying to use the same retro-nostalgia thing that Stranger Things did, but not not nearly as good.
  11. The lead actress is another gorgeous girl cast in the role of a nerdy-wallflower girl, who complains about her looks and compares herself to another actress as if she is lesser than.
  12. It’s all hype, without the substance of other hyped up shows.
  13. You’ve seen it before.

ONE reason to watch it: To support the ethnically diverse casting.






PS. I only watched two episodes then went online and read some summaries, so take this with a pinch of salt. But save your time like I did, and don’t watch it. Or watch it. Whatever.


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