I don’t take it black – I’m not that cool yet.

God damn you coffee. I swore it would never got me. I would annoyingly sing at people who asked if I wanted coffee; “I don’t drink coffee I take tea my dear…”

Last time I visited my sister, she remarked on me drinking coffee. ‘You said you’d never drink coffee!’ Yes yes yes. I know. But that good smelling devil got a hold of me, like most of the world, and now I’m addicted to his bittersweet love.


At home we have all sorts of way to get our kicks. We have the Nespresso machine, which makes the best espresso. Seriously, just ask George Clooney. I have a coffee grinder so I can grind’em beannnns, so it’s uber fresh, and then I pop the freshly ground, or not so freshly ground coffee into my fancy French press. And we have creamers, because, I frickin love creamers.

In Norway, I used to add milk, and a few spoons of sugar, and it would be a lovely unhealthy drink. Ideally, we would have cream, full fatty lovely creamy cream, and that was HEAVEN. Here, in America, they have a bunch of different creamers. I love them all. Except god damn Hazelnut. WHY DO PEOPLE LOVE HAZELNUT?! Bleh!

At work, I’m in charge of making coffee every morning, and having the coffee and tea supplies fully stocked. It’s 1 pm right now and I haven’t had coffee yet, and OHH MYY GOOOD can I tell. It’s fucking Friday. The last day before a three-day weekend. I was like, nah, I don’t need it. I can make it through this ‘Summer Friday’ – which means we get to leave at 1pm if we’re done with all our work (I’m not). I’m soooo sleeeeepy. So I have to go and get a cup of JOE – as the weird Americans call it.


I don’t remember exactly what lured me into drinking it. A lot of my friends drank it, already in middle school, and very much in high school. But I don’t think I started until mid-university. After years and years of hanging out at cafe’s drinking hot chocolate, so that I could feel cool, while clasping a mug of something hot. And the increasing amount of types that looked enticing, lattes, mochas, bladeeblah. Movies and TV shows with people ordering coffees, and it Looked so good when they drank it.

AH ! I remember – I was in Sicily, and I tried espresso! hah, what a way to begin. Yeah, that’s when it started. I didn’t really like the espresso, but I felt really cool drinking it you know, in the midst of all these old Sicilian men with their sixpence hats sipping from their little cups and talking animatedly. And it wasn’t hard to find a way for me to add it, just add THE DEVIL. Sugar… ohhh my love for sugar is another story.


Nowaydays kids have even more things luring them on to the bean.  Iced coffees, Coffee ice cream, Starbucks cups, and Frappuccino’s and all sorts of crap. When I taught middle schoolers, all the kids would be Begging me – BEGGING, to taste my coffee. I can’t deny it. Coffee is – cool.


Unlike my hero Special Agent Dale Cooper, I still don’t drink it black as a moonless night. I’m just not that cool yet.




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  1. ahhhh twin peaks and espresso…divine


    1. jasminplease says:

      I know right! Just need a donut. 😉

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh–there’s nothing like a scalding hot cup of strong, black coffee in the morning!


    1. jasminplease says:

      Hahahaha.. You must be very cool 😉


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