Wizarding Must-Haves

Since it’s inception, I have subscribed to LootCrate’s ‘Wizarding World of Harry Potter’ box. It has been great so far, but this one contained an object I have wanted for sooooo long! If you are  a hardcore fan like I am, you might have been looking for THIS:

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's stone - Gryffindor Scarf Original wide stripesNot THIS

hermione-granger-gallery Gryffindor Scarf


Harry Potter Original Gryffindor Scarf - Wide stripes - Philosphers stone 69181cc4b5bf2ea875a99626b2eaaa59--film-music-books-harry-potter-filmWhen I was working at Universal, I was frequently asked about ‘The other Gryffindor scarf’, and I knew exactly what they meant. There has been poor versions of it, as well as home knitted ones online, but not the REAL deal, the THICK, LONG beautiful bright scarf with the tassels – UNTIL NOW! Yaaasss

if you are NOT already subscribing to the Harry Potter Lootcrate, I highly recommend it. You can skip any box if you don’t like the theme, and you can unsubscribe anytime. They constantly come up with great, AUTHORISED new things that are exclusive to lootcrate, so it is well worth the money.

Anywho – enjoy me and Gary Unboxing the newest box and FREAKING out about the scarf here:



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