Here comes the Boo

Dear readers – Here comes the first of many wonderful contributions from the wonderful Anna Booher. I will let her introduce herself, as no one can do it better! Stay tuned for more Booher writing in the future, as she is an avid reader, and will be doing some book reviews among many other cool things! 🙂

Hi all!  I’m so excited that Jasmin has asked me to contribute to her multi-amazing blog full of great causes and captivating stories!

My name is Anna Booher.

I came to Los Angeles, CA from Springfield, IL three years ago.   I guess the best explanation for me is that I’m someone who is always figuring it out.  I’m a dog-walker, baby-sitter, part-time auditioner/actual performer but full-time actress, writer, and musician in my own right.

While living here, I’ve been in a few independent features, had small parts on television shows, and led people through an  interactive haunted house as a little British kid.  I produced and acted in a Hollywood Fringe play 


(alongside Jasmin who also served as director and writer).  I’ve had an article about God and solar eclipses published, and recorded songs I’ve written. I even opened for an Eagles cover band once with my acoustic guitar. I’ve accumulated some really great friends who’ve become more like family–dogs too.  I walk a lot of dogs.

Ultimately, I’d like the acting, music, and writing to take a more significant role in my life.  Although, without sounding too much like a cliche, a lot of the stuff in between, trying to get into the entertainment business, has been extremely rich. 

Especially during my three years pursuing the artist life in Los Angeles, I’ve been able to discover more and more what I like, what I don’t like, where I fit, where I don’t fit, what fills me up, and what depletes me. 

I’ve found that I love traveling but still being a family person, 

being a Christian but also being a rave-attender (I’m going to Snowglobe in Lake Tahoe on New Years Eve with a friend from preschool!), being a lover of hugs and long conversations but also being a person who holds up in a castle for a year and never goes outside (dream),

 and a person who gets angry when I feel my chocolate surplus is being questioned or threatened but also a person who cares about physical and mental health.

Anyway, I guess that’s what I’m about!  So excited to get to know you and enjoy with you in telling our stories and sharing our thoughts.



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