Book Review: Girl in Pieces

Review for Girl in Pieces:

“It’s like reaching out for help before you fall off a cliff, except there’s no one there to catch you.”

“I don’t want them to think I’m stupid, but I also don’t want to be stupid. That’s why I take the time to learn their language.”

“That person I was…That wasn’t me. Sometimes, with people, you just become something, like your role happens to you without you choosing it.”

“Don’t let the cereal eat you. It’s only a fucking box of cereal, but it will eat you alive if you let it.”

“Because when everything is said and done…the world runs on kindness. It simply has to, or we’d never be able to bear ourselves.”

Girl in Pieces  is one of those books that I’ll definitely read again. It looks like a downer, but it’s actually a story of a girl named Charlie who is climbing out of the depths of herself.   Charlie starts a cutter and addict.  Her progress is not linear, which is what makes her story so realistic.   She moves forward and backward.

The characters from Charlie’s past and the characters she meets as she becomes herself are three dimensional too, some are worse than they seem when the reader first meets them and some are much better. I usually like stories with a lot of characters, but I know that sometimes the characters blur together if too many are introduced in one book. Glasgow artfully gives each character his or her own story and piece to offer Charlie.

Girl in Pieces is such a hopeful and compassionate read for people who turn to any kind of self harm or self destruction. Glasgow shows the hopelessness as well as the impulsiveness that goes into it, and while the story doesn’t shy away from any darkness, it offers a couple of different pathways into light.

I hope this book makes you feel “fucking angelic!”









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