Himalayan Salt Rock Lamp – Levoit


I don’t know what it is, but lately I’ve been obsessing with different types of lamps. It started with my coworker plugging in an old lava-lamp that we all thought were dead, and watching it miraculously come to life after two hours. I couldn’t take my eyes off it. I immediately searched online for some choices, and ended up browsing all sorts of different lamps. Then another coworker brought in a small pink rock, and it lit up like a little warm heart – and I was in love.Pink Rock Salt Himalayan Lamp Levoit Review 2017

I did my fair bit of research and came to the conclusion that the biggest and most visible company out there – Levoit, seemed like a fair bet. Their headquarters are in Southern California, pretty local to me, and they seem to have more then selling lamps in mind;


“At Levoit, we believe your living space plays a key role in developing a happier and healthier lifestyle. Himalayan Salt Lamps create a soothing environment by emitting warm lighting and releasing negative ions into the air. Along with their holistic benefits, a Levoit Himalayan Salt Lamp adds style and an artisanal touch to your home. Levoit Himalayan Salt Lamps are the highest quality on the market and we are proud to offer unique and inspiring designs.”

The lamps claim to have several benefits salt lamp benefits Levoit

And being a salt-lover, the whole thing was intriguing to me – on a separate level too. More on that later…

Levoit sell their lamps through Amazon, and as I was browsing I saw that there were several sizes and types, and other additional beautiful products that they provide. maxresdefault - Levoit Himalayan Salt rock Lamp review BestAfter careful consideration, and a look at my budget, I decided to get Elora, which is a medium sized rock, and put in my order. I was SO excited. My husband being the bargain hunter he is, he changed the order for me, as he found a better offer, a used one.

My choice – New or old?

I thought about it, and I don’t like the idea of these beautiful natural lamps being purchased and thrown away like everything else in this consumerist society I live in, Of course I will buy a second hand lamp. The lamp had been returned, and was described as ‘As good as new’, and I saved around $10.

Product arrival – first impression

When it arrived, in it’s beautiful red box, wrapped like a present, it felt like Christmas, and as I opened it and took the beautiful pink rock,

carefully out of the packaging, two things struck me; It was very heavy, which makes a lot of sense of course. Also, I thought I heard a bit of rattling from inside the lamp. As i turned the lamp on its head and unscrewed the bottom, I noticed there was small pieces of glass everywhere, and I opened it and found that the little lightbulb inside was shattered. I was so bummed, and wasn’t sure what I should do.

Should I return it? If I don’t return it, I will only have the two extra lightbulbs it came with, and not three, and how long do they even last? I intend on having the lamp on day and night, and I don’t know how much the bulbs are. Well, I contacted amazon right away, and tried to set it aside. Bit I really really wanted to see it glow.

I managed to carefully take out the broken light bulb, shake out all of the pieces of glass inside the hollow rock, and replace the bulb with one of the extras. Then I turned it on.

Levoit Himalayan Salt Rock Lamp Review Best ReviewI was in love again! I felt it in my arms, so heavy and so beautiful, like a little fireplace, glowing, so so… magical. And then I finally got to do what I had wanted to do the whole time…..


IMG_6249Yes, I wanted to lick it. I have been a salt licker since I was a kid, I lick matches after they have cooled down, I lick bricks, I lick my the salt of my sun-dried arms after a day in the sea… Okay, you get the picture. And this. lamp. is. SO. SALTY. Soooooo saaaaalty. One lick, and it satisfied my savoury cravings.

Don’t worry, I do not intend on licking my lamp all the time, just once in a while when I am extremely tempted haha. I intend on using the lamp for the purposes it is meant. To brighten my life. And I am now, as It stands next to my desktop, on my desk, by the bed, like a little fireplace, a magical rock, just as I am writing this…IMG_6221

The product

So, there is no doubt the product is satisfactory, although I have read that some lamps aren’t as bright and “orange” as the costumers have wished, which makes sense as they are all individual rocks, handcrafted.

The company – Costumer service

The company, Levoit, as previously mentioned, gave me a first good impression, and here is where it gets even better. Amazon didn’t get back to me, however Levoit did. After corresponding with them, I realised that the receipt I had showed that I didn’t buy them from them, but from an amazon warehouse, since it had been returned and approved by amazon for resale, it wasn’t a purchase from Levoit. BUT… Levoit, not only had very friendly responses, they offered to send me a 6-pack of light bulbs, directly to my address, FOR FREE! EVEN though I hadn’t bought it for them, now that is the kind of service that makes me want to shout it from the rooftops; This company makes great product, show that they care for the community and their costumers and go out of their way to satisfy.

Summary and rating

The Levoit Salt lamp is beautiful, authentic and tasty (Haha). For someone who is emotionally and mentally affected by sensory treats like scented candles, fireplaces, soft blankets etc. – It is a mood booster and a sleep enhancer. It comes with three lightbulbs, a dimmer, a years guarantee, excellent costumer service from Levoit and arrives gift-wrap-ready. I would recommend considering buying secondhand for cheaper, and to sign up with Levoit on their website for discounts and updates!

★★★★★★ Six out of Six stars on the Jazzometer!IMG_6259


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