The Importance of Birthdays

Bullet Journal Birthday Page - Birthday Polaroid CelebrationTwo days ago I turned 29, and I had a fun-packed day planned ahead, which included Breakfast at IHOP, Seeing Justice League at the Hollywood Arclight, then meeting at Sweet Chick for some Chicken and Waffles and drinks.

To me, a birthday is special, and it’s the day of the year where I think that you should really TREAT YO SELFtreat_yo_self Parks and Rec BirthdayIt’s THE BEST DAY OF THE YEAR!

Growing up, I had my fair share of kids parties, the good ones with the party hats, cake, candy, soda, games and jello Celebrating birthdayAnd some with all of the above, + drama. Yes, I was a bit of a drama queen, – BUT ONLY BECAUSE I FELT SO STRONG EMOTIONS ! Duh! And my mother seemed to not get it into her heads that I DON’T LIKE BALLOONS. In fact, I HATED balloons, especially with other kids running around with them, grabbing them with their sticky fingers, making that awful rubber sound.. and popping them for fun. FUN!? ARE YOU CRAZY?!

As I grew older, they got better. I was better at communicating, and I had some really great friends. My mum was so good at making me feel special. But there were plenty of people around me that didn’t feel like birthdays were a good thing, like my father for instance. Who warned me; “Birthdays aren’t that magical when you grow older you know, I like to avoid the whole thing.” What a bright spirit eh?

Yes of course there were times where I had to work during my birthday, Like I’m sure most people do at some point in their life

Business person eating birthday cake in cubicle Birthday at Work OfficeBut I would make damn sure to treat myself throughout the day, and plan the festivities on another day. Now, birthdays mean a lot to me and not because I am gaining years of wisdom, in fact, all year I kept forgetting my age. I wasn’t sure if I was 28, 29 or 30. It doesn’t really matter to me. And I’m so bad with numbers, suffering – YES SUFFERING from Dyscalculia, and not having practise math since high school (Where I failed), I have gotten worse. And ironically, I am very very bad with dates, THUS – TERRIBLE at remembering peoples birthdays.

Now before you judge ME, I don’t expect YOU to remember. The first of November I’ll be walking around saying, “It’s my birthday month”, and keep reminding people, “three weeks till my birthday, two weeks till my birthday, This weekend is my birthday” And I think everyone should do the same. Or you Facebook people can just keep doing your lame wall posts. Bautiful caucasian girls wearing holiday hatsI myself, LOVE giving birthday presents, and making a big fuss. But I also like to personalise, because I realise that most people don’t want a fuss. Most people don’t want it announced at restaurants with all of the staff coming over and singing, and handing over a free dessert. I do. And I’m not ashamed ANYMORE!

Grandmother's 86th birthday.Why shouldn’t you celebrate yourself? You were born on this very day. YOU in the specific form that you take, are here now, and came out of your mothers nether region at some point of this day certain amount of years ago. YOUR MOTHER GAVE BIRTH TO YOU. So, first of all, props to her! Thank you mum! I know I had an oversized head and it must have hurt a lot.

You – are exactly the way you are because ONE out of around 100 MILLION sperm – YOU reached the egg and faught your way in there first! That is crazy! And you are the only person on the planet that is you, and there was no one like you, and nor will there be EVER! JESUS! Embrace yourself, right now! Birthday, happy Muslim familyOf course, birthdays are best spent with family, and friends, and if you don’t like all the bells and whistles, tell everybody that you don’t want it. The people that love you will try to give you a day that is tailor made for you.

But when you are alone, overseas, at work, or somehow unable to celebrate with the closest ones in your life, I encourage you to treat yourself -Your way.

My way is this:

volunteering-in-kenya-i-to-i-mombasa-community-work-with-children-birthdayI like the bells and whistles, I like the cake, the singing, the stupid hats and badges, people telling you happy birthday, presents cards and a good time. And if people wish to give you these things, even strangers you’ve only spent a month with volunteering in Africa – Why the bloody hell deny them the pleasure? 😉


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