Tom Chaplins Twelve Tales of Christmas

I am so in the mood. And you know what gets you in the mood, in a mellow, sentimental, candlelight, pyjamas, holiday card writing mood?

Tom Chaplin – Twelve tales of Christmas













It needs to be addressed: TOM CHAPLIN, the frontman of the band KEANE, is one of the BEST singers alive today. Having followed his career since the early days of Keane, seen him perform live nearly ten times, seen his strengths evolve and his stamina grow, I really mean this, he is an AMAZING singer. If you don’t believe me take a look at this video:

Yeah. And if you want to go to the opposide side of the scale… Then just buy the goddamn album ‘Twelve tales of Christmas’ and play the incredible cover of the beloved song “Walking in the air”. A song that is already perfect, and I didn’t think was possible to make better. Just listen, and… chills.

As a singer myself, I know that it’s not just about technique. For me it’s mainly three things. Do you have a nice voice? Some people are great singers, but their voices aren’t exactly pleasing to the ear, and this is of course subjective. Are you a GOOD singer, do you have a good ear, do you know how to USE your instrument? This takes skill but also talent, Some people can learn the skill, but it’s hard without a naturally good ear. The FEELS – You have to know how to play with the voice to accomodate the song, the instruments, the lyrics, the rhythm.

Tom Chaplin has this ability of sounding genuinely SAD. Sad as fuck. And it doesn’t sound like he is trying. He’s just sounding fucking sad. And it makes you feel – Sad. He can also sound angry, riled up and in a great fricken mood. Can you do the FEELS?

Tom, in my mind has all three of these nailed down. Then, add that he is a GREAT live performer, granted he has gotten phenomenal with all the exercise of touring the world for years. I guess it was just a matter of time before he came out with a Christmas album since he went solo. And for me it is the Christmas album of the year. Sorry Gwen Stefani, I love you – but this is the shit. There are one or two cheerful songs on the album, but overall it’s a mellow experience. You can safely play it before bedtime and fall asleep to it. It get’s epic, and exciting, yet it won’t shake you up too much, it’s just a perfect relaxing Christmas album.

Me and my husband listened to it over and over on our recent roadtrip after Thanksgiving, and it got us right in the mood.

Not for the commercial idea of Christmas, although I admittedly love indulging in that too. But for the important things, the feeling of it. Family, friends coming together from all corners of the world, getting together, sorrow of loosing someone and grieving them during the holidays. It’s a beautiful thing it evokes.

My family have lost – and felt that strongly during Christmas time. And the song  ‘We remember you this Christmas’ is lovely.






Enjoy the album! I’m sure this post convinced you. So, thank me later.




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