Happy New Year!

Here’s to a happy New year! 

I know I’m a little late with a New Years post – But better late than never. I love the beginning of a New year, I always look at it as a clean slate. A lot of people grumble at the idea of resolutions etc, but I like trying to set goals for the New Year and review the old. I must admit, I did stress a little bit before Christmas, I felt like I hadn’t really accomplished anything important in 2017. It helped that Rick and I visited his Grandparents in New Orleans, and then ticket off another item off my Bucket list, Graceland (Will post soon). And it also helped that we had tickets booked to Norway to visit my family and spend Christmas and New Years with them! We had a lot of bad luck with tickets, missing flights, cancellations and delays, but It’s too depressing and boring to write about. We got there. Travelling to Europe from the US is a hassle anyway, but we had two great airlines, Lufthansa and British Airlines. We couldn’t wait to get out in the Fresh Norwegian air, and walk around in the cold, we’re both kind of sick of the LA weather and smoggy air, so we enjoyed it very much. This year I am wanting to go for more walks, I did it a lot for a bit last year, but then it kind of petered out. I need to work on consistency. It was Christmas right away, as we arrived later then planned, so we had to get into it hardcore – jetlag and all. But it was great, my family knows how to make Christmas fun and crazy, and the food in Norway around Christmastime is… Gooooooooood!  The first day of Christmas (December 25th) Is traditionally thus: Sleep in, eat lots of Breakfast, check out your presents from yesterday,  relax with the family watching TV, then later at night it’s PARTY TIME! Everyone and their mother go out to town to celebrate, and it was great to hang out with old friends, and also meet my Niece and Nephew at Neptune – the local pub and my gangs favorite hangout! Marcus and Victoria are finally old enough, and it was really weird but fun being out on the town with them, then being picked up by mum after getting some late night kebabs.  The most important visits of course were with my Grandmother. She’s no longer living in her flat, but in the very same Old folks home that I used to work at! It was quite a job, so I appreciated the friendly staff.  My Mormor isn’t doing too well, her body is giving her a lot of grief. She’s been through a lot in her life, and although she is still bright and her mind is all there, I can feel her age really getting to her. It was lovely seeing her though, and she is still the most photogenic person in the family. 

We joined Andy and Frederike for a trip to the capital, Oslo, where we wandered the German Christmas Market, some shops and ventured in to the National Museum, and saw some beautiful Norwegian art. Rick hasn’t really been to Oslo before, as Im not to bothered to take him, but our friends were excellent tourguides and it was an excellent day.

And it gave me some extra time with a long lost sibling 🙂 

I frickin love Christmas man, especially in Norway with my family. Most of my friends come home from all corners of the world and we get to hang out and catch up. I love the snow, the cold and the joy of coming inside FROM the cold. I love my mums hot chocolate and the Christmas food and cakes. Its no wonder we both put on some pounds, Rick indeed put on 10 pounds!!! It was nice just to rest and watch Christmas movies and play with my nephews.  New years eve was hosted by my old pal Richard at his place, where he had prepared a fantastic game of ‘Not Jeopardy’ You can see how we celebrated our New years eve in this video from my Vlogmas:

To me, celebrating New Years Eve feels important, and I look forward to it every year. Last year, I was home alone with the baby rats watching TV and eating cake. Don’t get me wrong, I had a good time, but it felt naff, and anticlimactic. To me, when the transition is marked, it gives me a push forward. I take time to reflect and to dream and plan for the New Year.  Spending the night with well dressed friends playing games and seeing the fireworks at midnight – makes it feel real. Last year it just felt like another day, and then all of a sudden it was January. So I was happy that I got to do it right this year.  In my Journal I like to write out “resolutions” or my goals and new habits for the New year. There’s space for more, and it’s clearly marked in my journal so I can go back and look at it and remind myself. It still feels so fresh and realistic since it’s just January, but I’m going to try to be good at following through again this year, I did very good last year with my main ones.

I hope you had a good time celebrating the holidays and the New Year, and that you feel optimistic. I think it’s all going to be ok. And I have a funny feeling about this year. In a good way.


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