FAKE ID productions


FAKE ID Productions, was founded in 2009 at the prestigious Performance school; Rose Bruford College in London, UK. Some enormously talented People, including the super talented playwright and actress Hayley Squires. The company started out producing and performing theatre, puppetry, and short films around London.               The Company now consists of;

Gwenllian Higginson: Welsh Actress currently based in London doing voice and acting jobs                    http://www.castingcallpro.com/uk/view.php?uid=299583
Gudda Johnson:  Icelandic actress, currently working all over the world With the amazing physical Company Bred in the Bone; http://www.bredinthebone.co.uk/about/44-team/144-gudbjorg-asa-jons-huldudottir.html
Jan Van Lindt: Belgian Lighting Designer With inexplicable experience and a history of astounding lighting installations; http://www.janvanlindt.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=frontpage&Itemid=1
Raymond Noakes: English Scenic Artist and puppet-maker, an artist With unlimited creativity and solutions http://raynoakescreations.co.uk/
And Jasmin Haugstuen Please, Norwegian actress and director based in Hollywood.

– Our Company is currently spread around the globe doing fantastical Things independently, But as the Artistic Director of FAKE ID, Jasmin is still writing, directing and producing, in collaborations and independently.


Fake ID provides these services:
  • Original plays and screenplays
  • Manuscript editing
  • Short film production
  • Live performance
  • Festival services and consultation
  • Puppetry and Puppet building
  • Art department services
  • Casting
  • Production services

ImageHandler FAKE ID productions



‘New Play Festival’ – https://www.facebook.com/newplayfestival/

  • Fake Id productions co-founded and produced a three-day theatre festival consisting of all new locally written plays.


  • Fake Id produced the US version of Calculations at Kumu Kahua theatre in June 2015
  • Calculations is a dark comedy, a short three – episode play, with an unconventional ending.

‘The Girl who wanted to be a boy’

  • A Children’s play full of adventure, puppetry, audience participation and fun .
  • The play explores gender identity at an early age, acceptance and gender equality.










Some photos from the production: 

‘ The Danson Festival 2010’

  • Fake ID Provided specially built puppets that walked around and interacted with Festival participants
  • Commissioned by Bexley council and created at a Kinetika Residency

‘ We are Not Happy Clowns’

  • Fake ID’s first production, the play ‘We are not Happy Clowns’ produced and performed at Rose Bruford College
  • Re-devised and and produced at the Cockpit theatre in London

Enjoy some of Our old and new video’s on Our Youtube account:


Or take a peak here;


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