Spring 2017

Hollywood Fringe Festival

FAKE ID Productions is producing ‘Calculations’  a one hour play based on their original three episodes that has previously been performed at the Cockpit theatre in London, and at the New Play Festival in Honolulu.

The play is starring Anna Booher, Kelly Anderson and Jillian Armendariz, as the three high strung business women who works for the evil corporate money making machine ‘Calculations Inc’.

‘Calculations’ is a dark comedy written by Jasmin Please and Gwenllian Higginson, a multimedia performance, which is opening in the black box space ‘Sacred Fools Theatre’ in Los Angeles, on June 4th.

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Fall 2016
FAKE ID Productions is currently working on two projects:
The Girl Who Wanted To Be A Boy – the children’s novel.
– This children’s novel is about a Gender confused child named Ashley, she goes through a fantastical journey with her imaginary pet Fox Patrick, throughout the nearby woods, meeting creatures of fantasy that helps her face reality and learn for herself that it is okay to be who she is.
The aim of the book is to give children an early education about Transgender identity, gender confusion and gender equality, through a colourful and fun book.
You can read the summary on the facebook page here:
If you want to help fund this book, get in touch here.
FUNNY DATES: – This is a webseries, an ongoing project FAKE ID is  working on with several actors across Hollywood. Stay tuned for new episodes of this funny ‘Based on a true story’ show.
If you have a true funny date story, please use the contact form below , on the bottom of the page and we will get back to you!