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I made this page hoping to get you clicking, clicking on to links, and other pages, and perhaps, one day, clicking a ‘donate’ button. These are causes I burn for, charities, organizations that have helped, impacted and inspired me. Please take the time to peruse, and click on ONE link, or ONE video, that speaks to you or catches your eye.

‘Saving the world, inch by inch.’ – Me

sobs-logo- survivors of bereavement by suicide

Survivors of Bereavement By suicide – SOBS

In 2008 I experienced my greatest fear, loosing my dear brother to suicide. I was 19 at the time, and in the middle of getting my Bachelor in Acting.

At the time, it seemed pointless, and I thought I was wasting my time, feeling I should do something to make a difference in society, however I decided to stay on the path I had chosen, not wasting a ton of money, and getting by, day by day, until I would finish, and I could try to make a difference after graduating.

However, I was struggling with the loss, and typical symptoms of bereavement by suicide. I came across this wonderful organization, who provided me with a FREE helpline, run by VOLUNTEERS who all have been bereaved by suicide, reading materials and group meetings.

This organization is an incredible resource, and there should be one in every country in the world. However, their website alone can help you get more of an understanding of our own feelings, and excellent guidance. PLEASE visit their website;

Look around, get help, or get to helping! Donate or spread the word. If you know anyone who has lost someone this way, please shed some light to this, and in their own time, they will find something and someone, who understands, and can help.

heforshe - Emma Watson - UN - Feminism - Gender equality - He for she


In 2014, Emma Watson, actress model and female role-model to the women of my generation , was appointed by the UN to be the spokesperson for their new campaign and movement, inviting men to fight for equal rights for women.

Growing up I remember how the word ‘feminist’ was  word that was looked down on by a lot of people, and ridiculed even. Not until I joined Nic Green in her wonderful celebratory feminist piece ‘Trilogy’ did I really open my eyes, and stand up feeling truly proud to be a woman, and decided to do my dissertation on it. – Here is  a piece I wrote about it.

Recently Emma Watson did a speech at a UN meeting – Kicking off this movement, Please take a look at this video;

To all my male friends out there, Join the forces and speak out for your Friends, Girlfriends, Wives, Daughters, Mothers and sisters, for women that aren’t as privileged as the women you know. Check out their website,

New Hope Children's home - Mombasa - Kenya - I-to-i - volunteering - 1620671_10153842253715133_62803980_n NEW HOPE children’s home and Orphanage in Mombasa – Kenya.

One of the things I have wanted to do for many many years, is to travel to Kenya, and do community work with children. Kenya is one of the most prosperous and gender equal countries in Africa, and is full of hope, and bright, strong children.

After seven years, it was finally time to set out on an adventure to the project I had been looking at for years. And I volunteered at New Hope, teaching English, science and drama to these cheeky and clever kids.

New Hope Orphanage houses children that have no parents,  have a poor single parent, or are victims of HIV or AIDS, or have been diagnosed themselves. The kids are encouraged to learn and to work hard, and told that they can do anything, if they strive to excel.

I fund-raised a little money with drawings the children made, and I made this video from my trip as an inspiration to everyone;

Please check out their website, or contact them on their facebook site, To DONATE, volunteer and help this rapid progress continue, and do not hesitate to contact me with questions.


I love rats, and have been a lucky pet rat owner for years now, and It is always upsetting how little care and help there is out there for these intelligent and human friendly creatures. My husband and I have rescued and adopted several rats, and would love to have our own rescue one day when we have more money and a larger home. For now, we like to support rescue centers that take care of rats, such as New Ken Rat Rescue inNew Kensington, in Western Pennsylvania, near Pittsburgh. Chris and his wife devote a lot of space and love to their rats, and promote rat care.

Check out their website here: 

You can donate directly through their website. More importantly, if you are looking for a pet that is low maintenance, loving and educational, consider pet rats! Do NOT buy them from ratmills or petstores, as they are paying ratmills directly, which are places where they keep rats in horrendous circumstances, and treat them very badly.  Because rats aren’t puppies or cats etc. People don’t care as much, which is a shame.











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